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Expodine POS System
Expodine restaurant POS software comparison
Expodine restaurant management software features a wide range of functionalities and integration add-ons. Which version is best for you? Expodine was designed with you in mind, and every effort was made to ensure that our restaurant management software offerings are flexible, so you receive the ultimate system you need to easily manage your restaurant.

Expodine Basic

Expodine Classic works as a normal point of sale software for restaurant management. It is developed as a browser-based software and is also platform independent.

Expodine Premium

Expodine Premium is equipped will all the features of Expodine Classic. The extra feature includes an android solution for the steward which can be used for taking orders and managing customers.

Expodine Ultimate

Expodine ultimate is the ultimate solution for every restaurant where the customer is free to manage his/her orders using the user-friendly android solution placed on the tables.

Comparison Table
Dine-in Y Y Y Y
Take Away Y Y Y Y
KOT Management Y Y Y Y
KOD Management - - - Y
Android App for Steward - License 2 4 4 5
eMenu for Customers - App - - 10 15
Home Delivery - - Y Y
Counter Sales - - Y Y
Reports Y Y Y Y
Inventory (Store/Stock/Purchase) - - Y Y
Food Costing & Recipe Management - - Y Y
Customer Loyalty Program - - - Y
SMS Authorization (OTP) - - - Y
Customer Registration - - - Y
Push Notifications - - Y Y
Centralized Store Management - - - Y
Multilingual - - - Y
QR Code Menu - - - Y