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Key Features
During the development phase of Expodine, our team set out on a journey to solve the day to day problems faced in restaurants. This led to the creation of Expodine, which is designed to simplify restaurant management, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and to convert restaurants into a fun spot for diners. Expodine is ideal for any restaurant type including fine dining, quick service, casual dining, ethnic, etc. Our easy to use interface enables your staffs to use it without any training, we do actually recommend it though.

Think beyond traditional billing software programs

Menu management pos system
Menu Management
Restaurateurs can fully customize the menu by adding drool-inducing images, description, and ingredients, etc. to make the user experience rewarding. Furthermore, there is also an option to suggest combos, change an item with modifiers, and categorize the menu into different groups so that the customers do not have to go through the whole menu to place an order.
KOT & KOD Management- expodine
KOT & KOD Management
Expodine offers KOT screen with a sorting mechanism in Layman's term which can be used to select tables, sort tables, and to monitor the status of the orders. KOD management module simplifies takeaway and delivery management. These features improve the overall communication between kitchen staff and front staff which reduces errors and speeds up serving.
Stock/Inventory Management tablet pos system
Stock/Inventory Management
Stock/Inventory management module offers real-time tracking of inventory which reduces or eliminates waste, theft or inconsistency in stock levels. Based on the rise in the prices of any of the ingredients the menu prices also gets updated which makes the process of menu updation based on the price changes in the market a hassle free process.
Cashflow Management- expodine software
Cashflow Management
Track your restaurant's cash flow with the help of detailed reports which cover sales, purchase, inventory, and profit and loss statements. The system enables payment acceptation through credit/debit cards, vouchers and coupons, and also keeps track of the transaction history making it easier for you to keep track of the cash.
Takeaway / Counter Sales Management- pos system
Takeaway / Counter Sales Management
Expodine's takeaway and counter sales management module is designed to simplify restaurant operations by improving the communication between kitchen staff and front staff, which reduces errors and speeds up serving.
Table Management restaurant pos system
Table Management
Using the interactive table selection screen, staffs can easily manage multiple tables. Tables can be combined, split, reserved, or changed as per the customer's request.
Billing Management expodine system
Billing Management
Billing management module makes it easy to split, combine, or re-generate the bill even after bill generation. Customers are also provided with the freedom to settle the bill using cash, debit/credit card, coupon, or vouchers at the table itself.
Shift Management tablet pos system
Shift Management
Shift management module makes it easy to manage and keep track of the shifts assigned to your employees. The built-in advanced reporting feature makes it easy to reward your staffs based on their performance.
Petty Cash Management-expodine software
Petty Cash Management
Petty cash management module manages and keeps tracks of the expenses that you or your staffs might have to incur during business operations in the form of travel, entertainment, or food.
Security management system expodine
Expodine is designed with all the restaurant security features in mind to prevent the occurrence of any kind of malpractice. Control and monitor what gets billed and what not. Everything is authority based, and a history of what goes inside the software is also maintained.
Authority-based Login-pos system
Authority-based Login
In diner mode, the diner can directly place the order from the tablet. In waiter mode, the waiter can place the order on behalf of the customer. The login screen ensures a secure login session by assigning different permissions to each staff, thereby preventing exploitation of the feature.
Detailed Analytical Reports expodine system
Detailed Analytical Reports
Real-time tracking of your restaurant's performance by analyzing the current, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales data categorized by different delivery modes ranging from dine-in, takeaway, and home delivery. Profit and loss statements based on consumption, stock and purchase statements designed to optimize restaurant operations which helps you take informed decisions based on these reports.
Feedback Management expodine software
Feedback Management
Feedback management module lets you take informed decisions based on your customers feedback. The built-in feedback app increases the number of feedbacks received from your customers and helps save the environment by saving paper.
Expodine supports multiple languages ranging from English to Arabic which allows you to accept feedbacks and navigate through the software using your local language.
Loyalty Program tablet pos system
Loyalty Program
Built-in loyalty program helps to increase customer loyalty by presenting rewards to repeat customers. Custom gift cards, vouchers and coupons can be generated based on the changing needs. The system keeps tracks of the transaction history making it easier for your staffs to keep track of the points that have already been redeemed.
Push Notification expodine pos system
Push Notification
Push notification module keeps you updated with the day-to-day operations though SMS and email, which lets you take informed decisions. Also, registered users get notified about the latest offerings and special offers from your restaurant through email and SMS.
Item Modifier-expodine system
Item Modifier
Diners can customize an item with modifiers to meet their individual taste. Customers can also add their specific preference like extra spicy, less oily, etc. for the items they are planning to have before confirming the order.
Order Status pos system
Order Status
Order status module shows the present status of the order as opened, ready, served, billed, or closed. This helps the front staffs and kitchen staffs to keep track of the dishes without having to run back and forth to enquire about the present status of the dishes.
Call Waiter pos system
Call Waiter
For any kind of assistance, your customers do not have to raise their hand or call out to the waiter as the call waiter module alerts the respective waiter assigned to that table with the click of a button.
Faster Service restaurant mangement system
Faster Service
The real-time communication between your staffs enables your staffs to take informed decisions, which in turn increases the table turnaround time and reduces waiting time for customers.
Special Offers expodine software
Special Offers
Promote menu items with special offers and vivid pictures which enables your customers to know about the latest offerings from your restaurant.
POS Integration tablet expodine
POS Integration
Expodine can be easily integrated with any third party hardware and software from around the world. Making it easier for your establishment to integrate with your old hardware or software with ease.
Offline Mode tablet pos system
Offline Mode
Expodine can be used offline without having to be connected to the internet all the time. This avoids downtime if there is any kind of internet issue.
Bill Generation restaurant pos system
Bill Generation
Bill generation module lets your customers and staffs generate bills based on the permission assigned to them. For people dining in groups, there is an option to combine, split, or re-generate the bill as per their request.
24/7 Support pos system
24/7 Support
Our support team is available whenever you need them. No call ever goes unanswered.
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