You will be soon able to order food through Facebook


Ordering foods through Facebook  may be the biggest technology leap coming in the next year, as nearly 100 percent of restaurant owners say they plan to have a Facebook presence by next year. Companies specializing in Facebook payment integration for restaurants such as CHOWNOW and NETWAITER are helping chains to get their ordering on to the popular platform. This is a fairly low cost add on to make, and it has the potential to grow sales, which always gets a attention towards restaurants. For instance, top ranking restaurants saw a 10 percent sales bump after implementing Facebook ordering, trade magazine Fast Casual recently reported about this latest technology in restaurant management.

Social media is already being effectively used in restaurants to assess and hire employees, forecast sales, manage schedules, and increase productivity. Yet those existing technologies will soon merge with new advancements and systems, and a new generation of food service workers will drive the modernization of restaurant management. Let’s hope, Integration of  restaurant management with social media will be a great challenge to existing technology. In future they will change the way we think about and manage restaurant workforces.

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