Why top restaurants are rethinking order taking – and you should too.


They rethink the order taking in the following ways;

  • Ways to lower the chances of getting customers irritated waiting for ordering
  • How to engage your customers 90% or more the moment they are in.
  • How to offer a variety of service that makes the customers keep coming back.

These are some of the questions a restaurant manager often asks themselves and are always on search and try to innovate. Are you one of them? Are you looking for effective ways to engage your diners and build a lasting impression on them, so they come back and most importantly they spread the word?
Spreading the word, centuries old marketing concern, now has taken a sharp turn with the evolution of social media and what used to be a word of mouth promotion earlier, now with a tap on the smart phone, reaches 1000s of people, yes 1000s of potential customers.

So every manager has to adapt to the situation, they got to be on their toe when it’s dealing with the customers or they know a mistake can cost dearly, make or break the business.
When we are in the digital era, thanks to apps, even managers have options to leverage the power of the very tools customers have.

Here’s how top restaurant managers have re-imagined their order taking process to delight their customers and get themselves a great deal of the most influential viral marketing.
They look into customer pain points and that’s how some of these smarter managers utilize technology.

  • Customers no longer need a waiter to turn around; they can order using a tablet on their table.
  • They get to see accurate, menu – what exactly is available then, what the recipe is and how it looks like – help your customers make informed choices.
  • They might want to have some suggestions on their dish – spicier, hotter, less this or that. They get to do it. Let them have a tailor made dish.
  • No billing surprises; let the customer see an updated price list right before they order.

Customers love deals, everyone does. When you get a customer who is ready to buy what you offer, that’s why they are at your restaurant in the first place, and selling them a few more of your best products won’t hurt and that’s where you make your profits.

Here’s a point why you should use these too. Customers do not care how sophisticated your software is or how advanced your systems are, but how they are treated. As a manager, you do care about the way employees are handled, how simplified your processes are and how all of these affect your profit.
To have the above in place, you obviously need to have a much organized employee management plan and platform.
Yes, this is where most managers make it or break it. A robust system needs to connect the requirements of the customers to a receptive management and production environment. Some of the areas require keen evaluation are

  •  Ease and accuracy of updates
  • Ability to seamlessly operate between different departments
  • Intelligence deriving and analysis to make better decisions
  • Sales
  • Human resource management

Though the latter part has been somehow handled by many enterprise resource systems, there are not many which integrate the customer service functions, vital to a business like a restaurant, to the functions of management and human resources.
With advent of tablets and mobile applications connecting and integrating the very customers into larger systems, however the game is different.

Expodine is one of the pioneers in this field tightly integrating the customers into, once reserved for managers, hotel management software applications. Expodine with its detail oriented, user friendly tablet application binds the customers into the way they experience fine hospitality from the provider. They get to see, interact and choose their experience without getting frustrated at the less efficient steward oriented order taking and management system.

If you wish to take a look at Expodine and see how this digital order management application can be integrated to your system and maximize the finest of hospitality and delicious menu you offer to your customers, Give us call on +91 9895 313 434, or mail us on info@expodine.com

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  1. Finally a better solution to all customers waiting for dining in restaurants..
    Waiting for such a better system to take over restaurants..

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