21 Ways to Increase your Restaurant’s Revenue

Have you ever wanted to increase your restaurant’s revenue without having to spend much on promotion? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This article clearly explains 21 ways by which you can increase your restaurant’s revenue.


Let’s get started.


As a restaurateur what’s the one step that you would come up with to increase the revenue?

If you came up with the solution that marketing would work then you are right, it really does.

For those of you who came up with a solution like increasing the menu price. This would also work to some extent, but it might backfire as you might end up losing some of your existing customers.

So, be careful while hiking the menu prices.


How to increase restaurant revenue


  • Increase the number of customers

Increase the number of customers through promotion strategies like targeted emails, mobile apps, and social media.


  • Monitor your food costs closely

Make sure that you are not charging more than your competitors. A slight price hike is normal provided you maintain the quality of food and service offered.


  • Analyze your profits closely

Analyze the sales and profits of your restaurant closely. If there is an increase or decrease in it check your reports and find out what caused it.


  • Increase customer frequency

Provide exceptional service, great food and a relaxing atmosphere inside your restaurant.


After you’ve done with that, let your customers know that you value their feedback and appreciate their choice to dine with you by thanking them and replying to their feedbacks. This will set you apart from your competitors.


Also, rewarding your customers for return visit will reinforce the value you see in a return visitor.


  • Become known for a signature dish

The key is to make specials, special by adding items that tantalize taste buds and increase profits nightly.

This creates a buzz around your business and helps in bringing in new customers.


  • Upsell

Upsell items without turning off your customers by making sure that your staffs are properly promoting them.


Selling something extra like appetizers, desserts, soups, etc. not only brings money in your pocket but also brings joy to the table.


Use sales techniques like the Sullivan nod which is designed to encourage people to purchase a particular item with the power of subconscious suggestion.


  • Properly train your staffs

Provide proper training to restaurant staffs as they are the backbone of your restaurant.

From the list of popular training methods implement a training program that you think might be ideal for the staffs.

If you are not sure, go with the shadowing technique where the trainees follow around a mentor while the mentor performs his regular job duties. This gives the trainees a feel for the job before they attempt to perform their responsibilities by observing seasoned employees handling real-life scenarios.


  • Marketing

Use marketing effectively to make the presence of your restaurant felt in the market. The strategies that can be followed are

  • Posting drool-inducing images on your website and other social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Offering loyalty programs to your repeat customers in the form of discounts, coupons, vouchers, etc.
  • Paid online ads also help to a great extent in bringing in new customers.
  • Distribute fliers promoting your specials and other offers.
  • Conducting contests is also a great way of marketing.


  • Item description

We eat with our eyes first. So, the description needs to stimulate a feeling of hunger.

If you‘re using your menu as a list full of prices, then you’re doing it all wrong.


  • Menu revamp

Just like fashion, the menu should be changed seasonally as the requirement of your customers varies with season.

Also, remove menu items that aren’t selling.


  • Pre-shift meetings

Pre-shift meetings are the best time to decide upon the daily duties  to be performed by your staffs and the changes in service to be made.


  • Mentor other staffs

Ask the top performing staffs of your company to mentor other staffs. This will not only help in improving the performance of low-performing staffs but will also improve the overall rating of your restaurant.


  • Online ordering

Research shows that online ordering helps in increasing the overall revenue of restaurants by up to 30 percent. The best thing about online ordering is that you don’t have to spend even an extra penny for promotion.


  • Target mobile users

In this digital yuga, the number of mobile users is growing day by day. Plan things like mobile apps, advertisements, and social media promotions targeted towards mobile users.


  • Retain your customers

For tips on customer retention, read the article titled 10 golden rules of customer retention.


  • Incorporate technology

Technologies like table-based POS system, electronic menu, restaurant management software, etc have made the life of a restaurant manager/owner a whole lot easier.

The benefits include increased order accuracy, faster service, and convenience.

The key point that should be taken into account here is that staying on top of the tech helps in increasing the sales and keeps track of everything.


  • Warm and cozy environment

Focus on music, lighting and smell to start setting the mood. It should be warm and inviting. Research from the University of South Wales showed that subjects spent more in restaurants with upbeat music. Depressing songs led to less spending, but the worst results happened when there was no music at all.


  • Cleanliness

Customers want a clean restaurant. Don’t just wipe the tables, check every nook and corner of your restaurant and make sure it’s clean, including the toilets.

Also, check for chewing gum underneath the table and chair.


  • Uniform

In addition to the restaurant, ensure that the staff uniforms are clean. The appearance of your staff reflects on your restaurant just as much as the building.


  • Inventory in check

Keep your inventory at an adequate level to control your food and beverage costs.  Overstocking your inventory will result in problems like over portioning, spoilage, theft, wastage and general carelessness.


  • Reduce wastage

Food wastage is one of the top concerns when it comes to revenue loss. Following steps if followed correctly will help you in minimizing the wastage to a great extent.

  • Avoid overbuying fresh produce
  • Inspect all food orders on arrival
  • Store everything properly, like pre-cooling hot items before storing them
  • Keep everything labeled and organized
  • Maintain portion control
  • Donate food you’ll not use
  • Ensure that your refrigerator and freezer are maintaining proper temperature.

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