Traditional vs Modern Restaurant Billing/Management Software

Do you remember the time when your parents used to compare you with the neighbours kid?

How can you forget that, right?

Well, comparing traditional restaurant billing software to tablet-based restaurant management system is pretty much the same thing.

As you have some strengths and weaknesses that make you the person you really are today. The same thing applies to restaurant management software.




Following are the strengths that they have in common.

  • KOT Management
  • KOD Management
  • Inventory/Stock Management
  • Menu Management
  • Cashflow Management
  • Reports Management
  • Detailed Reports


But what is it that separates them one another? In other words, how are they unique?

Can you guess?

If you guessed that one of them is tablet-based and the other is not, then bravo! Well done. Otherwise, just keep guessing until you’ve fixed your answer at tablet.

I’m just messing with you.

Do let me know the first difference that struck your mind in the comment section down below.

Now, moving on.

Let’s take a look at the differences that really set them apart.


Waiting time

How would you feel if you and your friend decide to meet up at a place at 5:00pm and by the time he/she reaches there it’s already 5:30pm.

How would that make you feel? A bit disappointed right?

But your customers are not going to feel the same way if the waiter shows up late as they are paying for his/her service and have nothing to do with him/her.

They won’t forgive him/her the way you would forgive your friends thinking that at least they showed up. The word will spread about it and it will have a negative impact on the reputation of your restaurant.

In tradition restaurant billing software, your staffs have to run back and forth to the point of sale software, between tables, to the kitchen, etc., to complete the order.

On the bright side, your staffs will become fit as they would have to walk back and forth several times to complete the order.

The downside of it is that it will limit their flexibility to move around and will decrease the average table turn time. As a result of that, your customers will be left waiting for their order to arrive for a longer period of time.

In modern restaurant management systems, your staffs have the flexibility to move around as they can directly take the order from the table using the tablet in their hand or you can fix a tablet on the table so that your customers can directly place the order without having to wait for the waiter.

The order details directly get forwarded to the kitchen which lowers the average preparation time. As a result, the tables get turned easily and your customers might leave the place happily if the quality of the food is also great.



Have you ever been to a restaurant and after having a look at the menu thought, “What on earth is this thing? “.

Some of your customers will also feel the same way  after having a look at the fancy names of the dishes.

Modern restaurant mPOS software offers a digital menu to the customers that contains the details of all menu items viz images, name, details about the ingredients used, etc. There are also features that suggest a combination that would go well with that. The sorting feature makes it easy to navigate through.

In this area, traditional POS software is left behind as they don’t offer a digital menu experience to the customers. As a result of which you would have to print the menu or your staffs will have to by heart the list of the items that are available at the moment.


Call waiter

Imagine that you are contacting the service provider of your product to resolve an issue that’s bothering you lately and the reply that you keep on getting is, “Our customer care executive is busy at the moment, please stay online, we will get back to you shortly”. Such a reply is bound to leave you frustrated unless of course you have too much patience.

Same is the case with restaurant waiters during rush hours, which will leave your customers unhappy and will make even some impatient ones to rush out of the door.

In modern restaurant management software, there are features to call the waiter with the click of a button.

In traditional ones, your customers will have to raise their hand or call out to the waiter to grab his/her attention. If everything fails, ask your customers to scream :P. That will definitely work.


Order status

Just like we keep on tracking the status of the products that we have ordered online, your customers are also interested in knowing the present status of their order.

Modern restaurant software displays the present status of the order as ready, served, out for delivery, etc.

Traditional billing software does not have this feature but your customers can enquire about the present status of the order by asking your staffs about it.


Loyalty program  

No matter how old you are, you would like to receive the special treatment that celebrities receive. Admit it, that you love to get pampered, who wouldn’t?

Just like handing over coupon codes to your customers, modern software programs simplifies this task by alerting your loyal customers via SMS/email. It also keeps track of the number of points that have been redeemed.

In restaurants using traditional software, just print out the coupons or vouchers, or make a gift card and hand it over to your loyal customers. The only feature that you will be missing out is that you would have to do everything manually.


Out of stock

Imagine going to your favourite restaurant and after going through the menu card deciding to place the order for an item that you haven’t tried yet, only to find out that it’s out of stock.

I promise that I won’t say, “How would that make you feel? ” again J.

But such an experience is bound to disappoint you.

Same is the case with your customers, so having a feature that automatically displays that the item is out of stock at the moment would be a life-saving feature to have which comes inbuilt in tablet-based restaurant management software.

If using traditional software, after the customer has requested for that particular item you can have your restaurant waiter say that it is out of stock at the moment.



Modern software can be integrated with your old third party hardware or software if you wish to do so. Also, the data can be assigned to be stored on the cloud, which makes it easy for you to keep track of your restaurant’s data anywhere, anytime, and to integrate the data to different branches located at different locations.

The traditional software also allows data integration. Cloud is the only area where it misses out.



The intuitive and easy to use interface of modern restaurant management software is one of the features that sets them really apart. Some of them can be even used without any training, but I do actually recommend it though.


All these features combined help you by simplifying the process of restaurant management. As a result of which, your restaurant’s revenue will increase, staffs will be happy due to the tip amount received, and at the end of the day, your customers will be more than happy as they get attended to fast and their orders also get processed fast.


At the end of the day, it’s all about selecting the system that is right for your restaurant. If you, your staffs, and your customers are happy with it. What more would you want?


I won’t be getting into topics like how to choose the right software, is it time for you to upgrade, etc., as it has been already discussed earlier.


So, which one is it going to be?


Do, let me know in the comment section down below.

5 comments on “Traditional vs Modern Restaurant Billing/Management Software

  1. Nice article!

    Really liked the way it was presented Sujeesh. Will be looking forward for your next article. If possible, cover something related to restaurant management.

    • Glad that you found this article helpful Rahul. We’ll be covering something related to restaurant management in our next article for sure.

  2. Hi Sujeesh,

    Great article!
    Tablet technology is really the trend when talking about new generation of restaurant management system. I agree with you and it was definitely the first thing that came into my mind, and also because you left us no choice 😀
    I really enjoyed your post by the way, great read!
    Keep up the great work.


  3. hi sujeesh
    great article, you explained everthing which are the features of modern Restaurant Software.
    Restaurant Management software helps owner to take full control on their Restaurant.
    and You explained it very nicely, especially with that neighbour kid example

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