Restaurant Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

2016 has been a rough year for many restaurants and a good one for some. To stay ahead and to make the most out of 2017, keep an eye out for the following restaurant trends:

Restaurant trends 2017

Dining Out Trends

Restaurant Garden

Organic food

Because of the growing reports of pesticides and artificial colours being used in food items, people are becoming more health conscious.

Almost everyone is behind organic food items these days, and if your restaurant happens to have a garden it will not only bring in more customers but will also result in free marketing and popularity.

Going organic is not an easy task and the initial cost is going to be a bit high, but if you can successfully implement it, the prize is going to be worth the struggle in the long run.

The added advantage is that the food items grown locally are not just fresh and taste better; they also result in low vegetable costs in the long run.

Restaurant Advertising Trends

Online presence

Increased Online Presence

What is the first thing that you do when you have a doubt?

Well, you’ll probably Google it.

It’s the same with diners as well. Nowadays, almost every diner searches for the restaurant online and decides to dine in based on the online reviews.

A customer might not even notice you if they pass by your restaurant as their eyes are glued to their phone screen. So, if you’d like to grab their attention, deliver content to their phone screen itself.

Some of the steps that can be taken towards it are building a strong online fan base, engaging with your audience, posting pictures of dishes, and starting to accept orders online.

Latest Trends in Food and Beverage Industry

Food workshop


Now, you might be wondering that how is conducting a workshop ever going to help me?

Well, the main motive behind the workshop is to achieve free marketing.

It should be mainly targeted at kids and even adults can take part in that if you decide to do so.

Every parent out there loves to post pictures of their kids doing something creative, and by conducting such a workshop you won’t even have to ask parents to post the pictures online as they’ll do it anyway.

Some workshops that you can conduct are cookie decorating, cupcake making, cooking classes, etc.

All day cafes

Due to rents becoming expensive, owners are looking for locations to share a kitchen and have several different pop-ups.

This has given rise to cafes that transform from a takeout coffee shop in the morning into a counter for lunch, with sit down service right through to a full dining service in the evening.

Chef at home

Experimental food events

Conduct experimental food events, it can be anything like chefs coming into house and cooking for you or teaching you how to cook, etc.

Plan things that are a lot more customised and offer unique experiences around food, rather than the traditional sit-down dinner in house.

Restaurant technology trends

3d printed cuisine

3d Printed Cuisines

If a restaurant waiter asks you what would you like to have printed? You would be probably very confused.

But you should prepare for such an experience as it is already in place at some locations.

The meal creation process begins with the bi-flow focused 3d printer containing the ingredients being guided into place by the printer’s robotic mechanism. The food is then squeezed through a nozzle in a manner that is far more precise that any human could manage. By adding a chef’s artistic flair or other traditionally prepared food, a magnificent dish is ready to be served.

Restaurant touch table

Interactive touch tables

You probably haven’t thought of a restaurant table much more than a place to put your food and elbows. That could soon change with the introduction of interactive touch tables.

Currently being tested in different restaurants, these tables of tomorrow incorporate high-resolution animated displays and advanced touchscreen to create a futuristic dining experience.

Using these touch tables, the customer can browse the restaurant’s entire menu and featured specials. Patrons can also use the table to order in comfort and privacy.

To ensure that customer input is accurately relayed to the staff, these tables can detect the difference between a human touch and a solid object.

While waiting for their cuisines, parents and restless children can play interactive games, catch up on the news, create artwork, or send messages between tables.

The table features shatter proof, waterproof, and heat resistant screens. Some will even let you pay with a credit card or smart device.

restaurant drone

Service Drones

Restaurants are finding a new innovative way to wow their customers. These incredible drones are able to successfully navigate a restaurant’s air space both outside and inside, ferrying trays of food to waiting customers.

Able to avoid obstacles, people, and each other, the propellers are covered to prevent a stray hand or finger from coming into contact.

Fully autonomous, the drones can be easily programmed to ferry food or beverages from the bar or kitchenary to specified location for pickup or delivery by the wait staff. Waiters can also receive the drone right out of the air in plain customer view or the drones can fly the food right to the table.

In the non-autonomous mode, the drones can also be piloted by a staff member for individual customer entertainment. This could soon become commonplace.

Conveyor belt sushi

Conveyor Belt Sushi

Conveyor belt sushi has been around for some time now, but they are slowly catching popularity.

The way it works is air tight transparent containers containing the sushi are placed on the rotating conveyor belt that moves past every table in the restaurant.

Comfortably seated at their table, diners can choose from an endless stream of transparent top bowls or plates containing a plethora of artistically designed sushi creations. The bowls are generally differentiated by colours or design which is done to assign pricing.

The final bill is based on the number and type of consumed sushi.

Cooking and service robots

Cooking and Service Robots

Imagine enjoying food cooked and served to you every day by a five-star chef based on your requirements and that too at the comfort of your home. Sounds almost impossible, right?

A company named Moley Robotics have made it possible by creating a working prototype of a robot that can cook almost 2,000 meals. It is all set to revolutionise the way you cook.

The Moley robotic kitchen is able to cook an entire meal from memory. Once the advanced system records the movements of a human cook while making a meal, the robot can perfectly duplicate the entire process.

This could be a common sight at restaurants everywhere.


To ensure an edge over your competitors, it’d be better if you could modernise your restaurant with some of the latest fads in the restaurant industry.

Have we missed anything? Do let us know about the latest restaurant trends in your area by commenting down below.

We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. It’s really great to see new trends in restaurants. It’s really gonna change the whole system of dining to a new level. Let’s hope to see the best hospitality too..

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