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Restaurant, hotel and beverages field is evolving constantly. Restaurateurs are looking for creative and innovative ideas to engage customers into the business. Theme restaurants are one way customers are induced, other than the food factor.

Technology has already set its footprint on restaurant experience. The customers have an eye on service, ambience and other add-ons as a factor for rating a restaurant experience. Modern, quick service and Tech savvy tools add attractive indices.  Tablet based ordering has already become an imperative tool in this modern era. Leading software developing companies has come up with excellent innovations that benefit the restaurateurs and customers alike.

Online Menu has its fair share of its revolution in the industry. The traditional Menu was all about aesthetic Menu card on the table with fancy images and names. Even though this provides a tactile experience to the customer, E- Menu provides more advanced features and attributes to the menu.
The digital encompassing is more appealing to the modern generation. The items in the menu can be searched, categorized and viewed specifically.

E menu and Online Menu are different in their merits. E Menu Online menu provides the customers with the luxury of getting the complete menu from anywhere around, once the link is available. QR codes are used to present this link more sophistically and conveniently to the customers.

But why QR code?
The advantages of QR code are innumerable. The most important facility is to encompass unlimited content to a small space where it’s not that messy. The Qr code can be used to be redirected to a particular website, review sections or interactive menu -just by scanning.
People always liked multimedia content to be engaged and can be linked to image galleries, documents. In the case of restaurant menu, Qr codes can be used to link recipe of the dishes.

Dynamic QR
Since QR code is a bridge or a link to a dynamic subject, the marketing or printed code can remained same.But the content can be updated. Hence saves printing charges.

Qr codes can be embedded in colorful and attractive designs. In this way, the space used up can be compromised. A customized qr code with brand logo and colors gives more appeal to the viewer.

How Customers are benefited?

Easy for customers to get the complete menu and plan the meal. Customer doesn’t have to ask the steward about the dish, the complete description and price of the dish are mentioned along.
Some of the leading restaurant POS software and E Menu provides recipe details, that give more idea about what the customer is getting.

Expodine is among the industry’s big player to supply tech savvy and innovative solutions to restaurants, F&B business outlets.
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