Key Roles of Digital menu/Tablet menu in Restaurant Management

We do find it hard waiting for food in restaurants and it’s always far more complicated when it comes to management. Every restaurant’s might have been thinking the same for a better solution to manage the “waiting time” and if we could reduce the same it can change the phase of restaurants itself. When it’s time for a change the best option is to introduce technology and shape it as per our needs. Similarly do you feel it’s time to change the old way of food ordering system?


Some of the top restaurants have experimented with Tablet ordering system and the results they found were superb. With the proper use of technology it really made an impact in managing restaurants comfortably and also made the ordering process faster. Some of the key roles inhabited through tablet ordering system were

  • Fast order processing

Tablet ordering system will make the placement of orders faster, in just a single tap your order will pop up in kitchen KOT screen. This results in reduced waiting time.

  • Waiting will be reformed as fun

As the tablet has entertainment facilities, customers will never get tired of waiting.

  • Systematic ordering system

Ordering system will be systematic as per the KOT no./ Order no. Orders can be served in a first come first serve manner.

  • Reduces Human loads

Tablets on table system can decrease lots of human efforts..

  • Increase the revenue

Fast processing of orders will not only make restaurant process faster, it will also bring more customers in, as the tablet ordering system will provide a unique dining experience. This results in an increase in revenue.

  • Easy bill generation

Customers are never confused when the bill arrives, as they can know the total price and details of the order when they tap the confirm button, and bill generation request can be send in a single tap.

  • On time service caller

Alert stewards for any assistance in just a single tap.

Using the right thing at right place has certainly made the tablet system proved to be one of the best solutions for an efficient restaurant management. Above all, finding the perfect software is the crucial part for the management since it can either be a mess or the perfect one. Mr. Rijas Backer Managing Director of Expodine suggests that Expodine is built with the capability to manage your restaurants efficiently using android tablet solutions. It can be your potential choice since it can be customized in accordance to restaurant functionalities. For more details contact Expodine – +91 9895 31 34 34, +91 495 401 35 45.

3 comments on “Key Roles of Digital menu/Tablet menu in Restaurant Management

  1. Many of the restaurants deserve such solutions. It’s really hard waiting for food in restaurants even the restaurant owners do know on the same issue.
    Blessing Expodine with all good wishes to go ahead…

  2. Mentioned system will reveloutionize if it perfectly rolls with restaurants.. Need technological updations in all sectors for better customer experience. They are looking for new things always…

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