How to start a restaurant?

How to start a restaurant


The worst thing about cooking at your own house is having to do the dishes. Everyone hates that no matter how much you love to cook. People dine out to get away from this and to have a wonderful experience.

The restaurant industry is a rapidly growing industry and it is one of the fewer industries that will never go out of business.

If you’ve already decided to set up your own restaurant, then you’re going to make the right move. You might have heard that it is not a money making machine where you can get great returns without  doing much work. The reaps need to be earned through hard work.

For those folks out there who are planning to start a restaurant just for the sake of returns, I would strongly advice you to jump right in only if you’re interested in this industry as the growth of your venture depends directly on the hard work that you put into it, and if you can’t stand it then you’ll find it hard to go ahead.

The following tips will help you to start your own restaurant and keep it up and running.



restaurant location



Accessibility, parking space, and features offered play a major role in determining the success of your restaurant. Many restaurateurs completely neglect this step in the belief that they’ll make up for it by investing the money they saved on location by investing it in marketing.

Your potential customers always look out for ample parking space, and how close it is to prime locations for easy accessibilty, which also plays a major role in driving in the crowd visiting these locations.




Restaurant environment plays a major role in bringing in the crowd as the first thing your potential customers notice is the way in which the restaurant is set up.

No one would like to be at a place that doesn’t look good. When was the last time you went out to a restaurant and didn’t see anyone taking a selfie.

Probably not in the near future right? It is the latest fap. If your restaurant looks good then there will be people waving their mobile here and there to have that perfect pose for their social media account.

The article on how to design a restaurant will be of help to achieve that perfect design.



Type of restaurant

It is impossible to be everything. So, just choose a theme that would be right for the area in which you are planning to set up your restaurant and work on that.

If you like it that doesn’t mean that your customers will also do so. After making up your mind bring in your family members and friends, and if possible some locals and have them try out the food. Try to get honest feedback from them and find out the favourite item of the lot. Based on these feedbacks set up your restaurant.



Raising capital

If you are short of money in opening your dream restaurant then you might have to mortgage your belongings for a loan.  If you are having mixed feelings about starting your own restaurant. Then, give it an another thought.

You can’t have your leg in two boats at the same time. Make your mind up first and try to avoid mortgaging your property if possible. Making your friends or family members your partners is a big no-no if you are not certain that it’ll end up well.



Your restaurant’s name should sound good and needs to be a reflection of the products that you are planning to offer.

Go with fancy names that would make you stand out. There’s no point in having a name if the google search for that particular keyword returns a thousand results. Unless of course it is related to a brand that you own.








Food concept

Make up your mind about the type of food items that you are willing to offer.

Do market research and find out about the items that are selling.



It is not about the items that you like, after all your customers are the one who will help you pay your bills. So, make sure that you bring in experts and some locals to try out the food items that you are planning to offer in your restaurant.

Avoid complicated menu listings that are going to leave your customers confused. Come up with a unique design that catches everyone’s eye and is easy to navigate through.


Purchase plan

Do proper research before deciding to stock anything up just for the sake of having it. Never purchase a product just because it was on sale as the next thing that you might come to know is it stopped working on the day on which the warranty period expires.

Buy equipment that’ll last you for a lifetime. Well, that was a little bit exaggerated but the point that should be taken into account here is that the equipment should be of a popular brand and never ever purchase something that you don’t need just because your competitor has it.



Your staffs are the backbone of your restaurant and proper care should be taken while hiring them as they can help make or break the reputation of your restaurant.

During the recruitment process closely observe the way they behave and instead of just going through their resume reach out to their previous employers and enquire about the reason they left. Also, find out if they were fired.


Target audience

Make  your restaurant appealing to generation X,Y, and Z.

Maintain an area to keep the children’s entertained so that the parents can enjoy their time without having to worry about them.

To keep youngsters entertained you can offer free WiFi if your data plan allows it.

You can hire artists who perform live to drive in more crowd.

Conduct a research and find out about the expectations, and the likes and dislikes of your target audience.

Restaurant marketing


No will come to know about your venture without proper marketing. Plan a grand opening by bringing in some famous personality and organize some competition and music events to make your presence felt.


Legal formalities

Complete all legal formalities and get certified in what all things a restaurant should have.



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