How a restaurant tablet ordering system will elevate the dining experience for customers.

We live in an era where almost every process once needed human efforts are being turned upside down by softwares. We rely on technology to communicate, to bank and for other countless purposes. It has reduced human efforts in all those sectors to a great extent. Now technology has brought changes in the way people used to dine and in the way people used to manage restaurants. Let’s see how restaurant management software with a tablet ordering facility will benefit both customers and restaurant management at the same time.

Customer Engagement:

  • The whole dining experience is detailed in the tab right in front of the customer; he/she can browse through the facilities, menu, offers and specialties.
  • The menu will be attractive with the pictures and it registers easily in the customer’s mind, one doesn’t have to know every name of the dishes to get what she wants.
  • Dig the menu down to see what are the ingredients, preparation methods and nutritional value to help make a decision easily.
  • Provides an innovative experience as the customer can order the dish, alert the staff when he/she needs a water refill, call the waiter for any assistance, all of this just by tapping the on the tablet screen
  • Refer or invite friends over to dine, using the application.

Restaurant management:

  • Update the menu as required, reflect the kitchen on a daily basis.
  • Less customer complaints/ higher satisfaction as ordering is faster and convenient using the app on the tab.
  • Boost sales with automated order taking and printing of KOT in the counter and Kitchen via Bluetooth / Wifi printer
  • A steward can handle more number of customers now than he could ever before, resulting in reduced cost and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Lower number of errors in order generation, Kitchen Management, delivery and order completion.
  • Centralized order generation and completion reduce waiting time.
  • Offers personalization through making a dish as per the choice of the customer on varying the ingredients.

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2 comments on “How a restaurant tablet ordering system will elevate the dining experience for customers.

  1. It completely seems like a rising generation for dining experience…
    It will be really fun to have such ordering system from hand to hand.

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