28, 18, 12, 5……… Well these are not a number series to be cracked as a puzzle. These are the common figures we come across in the big fat list of taxes in our country. Taxes  have been a calculation of legal and mathematical entries driving the lives of the common people.

Earlier this year brought us a remarking satisfaction with the implementation of “Goods and Service” tax setting up a “One country one tax” system and bringing uniformity in the nation.

However the only area where people became little upset was regarding the dining out options which has been heard by the government and with effect from yesterday levied 5% tax on restaurants.

So “Happy Dinning” .Take your family out for a fingerilcious meals or order online.

The levied GST will be helping lot of consumers with an easy GST calculation and would also help the restaurants improve their services, facilities and loyalty. This drop in GST / unified GST has also brought smiles to the restaurant owners since they can now attract a good amount of customer.

Expodine (Restaurant Management Software) have always been a trustworthy companion in the field of Restaurant management, retail and professional businesses and have proved our loyalty of products in the long run.

28 % to 5 % or any other figures, our software provides the best dynamic environment according to the Government norms. We have an automated system taking care of all the changes in the taxing system without complicating the services. Our strong Restaurant ERP Overview has proven its flexibility with the contemporary Government policies.

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