Food truck; Restaurant On wheels


What is a food truck?

Typically, Food truck is a truck / van that serve food. With scooped out inside altered into a kitchen, Food truck has huge attractive features that serves more than just food. Food trucks are built on the idea “why go to restaurant, when the restaurant can come to you?”  Partially, the idea is well placed. But, still you might go to the food truck at parking. Let’s see what the buzz factors about the food truck are.

Food truck can be different working methods; that serves ice creams or packed food items of a particular brand.
Or some may have live kitchen that cooks from the scratch.

As all startups, food truck also got some blanks to fills, one must make decisions regarding the choice of cuisine, location for the restaurant, how and where to hire staff members from, decor, and many, many more
Similar to conventional restaurants, food truck has got all the legal formalities to be met, if not more. So frankly, Food truck has more challenges than running sit-down restaurants. If you think food truck may yield quicker and easier profit, then you might be wrong. Creating a pool of mobile customers isn’t easy as in a particular fixed location.

So what are the advantages of Food truck?

Well, the innovative idea has certainly got an edge, but may depend on the working strategy implied.

Less Risky expenses

Obviously, you might need to reduce the expenses and thereby the risk factor. Food truck has got its own expenses, but relatively saves huge sum on rents for sit-down restaurants.


The moving restaurant on roads induces more fan base than conventional restaurants. People may notice the vehicle concept and thereby creating a buzz in the town. And more towns the food truck covers, the more possible customers get to know.

Lower Working Cost:

Since, the food truck is smaller in size, the operational and overhead cost also tends to be minimal. This can be used for further business expansion in future.

Flexible location:

   The reach of food truck grows with each relocation. Flexible and attractive locations may yield more people to get surrounded with proper add-ons and attractions to the food truck.

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