Problems That Can Be Eliminated with A Restaurant POS System

Problems That Can Be Eliminated with A Restaurant POS System

Even now, even in the 21st century, there are many restaurants that use their system and software for basic needs only. You may be surprised to find that Financing in a restaurant POS system will prove to be the right decision when you use it to its full capacity. 

When setting up a restaurant, there come several challenges. Even when you are running a well-established restaurant, there are many areas you need to focus on. The cash register might seem cheaper, but when you research more in-depth, it comes out that POS can help you save money. The new POS software systems come with dozens of useful features. These features will take your restaurant business to success and can save time and money. 

Restaurant Point Of Sale Systems is essential to the industry as the POS System can help solve most of the issues that often occur in the restaurant business. Let’s take a look at them and understand how a restaurant POS software program can remove those issues.

Refined System with Easy Operations

An old, outdated restaurant management system can run slow or cause problems for your employees, which causes disorder in their workflow. To keep up with modern technology and keep your management system running smoothly, consider updating to a new one that is built to compete for the next several years.

Convenient POS

Mobile POS not only offers the resourcefulness to make more sales; instead, it allows you to quicken your service and save unnecessary consuming time. When implemented with mobile devices, employees can process payments on the go and take benefit of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to boost sales.

Labour optimization

With the POS system’s features, a restaurateur can make sure that if all employees scheduled are to meet customer needs without wasting time. Plan schedules according to promotional and seasonal events.

Improved communication

In medium and large restaurants, lack of smooth communication between the staff members often leads to a chaotic environment. This issue can be solved easily with the help of a cloud-POS system, by keeping connected every employee through the system and get real-time updates of orders. 

 No more poor inventory management

Inventory management updates is essential in any foodservice business. That is, you should know which items are available and which are not available in your restaurant kitchen. A good restaurant management software can add much smoothness to the restaurant’s business operations by offering inventory management as one of its features           

Faster Billing Management 

The billing process can make it quicker, more comfortable, and error-free for employees with the restaurant management system. As well as all the related hardships can be removed by saving time and excluding training and labor costs.

Save On Accounting Cost 

Expensive certified accountant rates can be cut down by implementing a POS System for the restaurant. Adopting an accounting solution that works well in association with POS System will allow accessing affordable & easily accessible reporting.                                                                                                                        

Restaurant’s menu details can be updated easily

Trends in the food and beverage business are continually changing with the changing interests and needs of the public. Keeping up with these trends is essential, and a restaurateur cannot take the risk of being stubborn; they need to customize the restaurant’s food menu as per the current market demand.

A restaurateur should see the food items which are more in demand and keep an eye on your customers’ food preferences. They can utilize the power of a restaurant POS software program by changing the menu items as per need. 

  Cloud-POS prevents the loss of sales report/data

Data of everyday sales is essential for every business as it is vital to know about business performance and for making business strategies. cloud-based restaurant POS system helps to save on the servers in real-time. No matter wherever you are, you can quickly get access to the details.

 Works even during No internet connection.

Investing in a POS system that works both offline and online would be a sensible thing to do. When the connection is lost or when the connection is not fast enough, you can do all the works with the offline feature, which works even when there is no internet connection.

Digital Menu Boards and foodservice industry trends


Trends in the Foodservice industry are constantly changing to balance the ever-changing interests, and needs of people. Keep pace with these trends is important to restaurant owners and anyone working in the industry. 

Past few years have marked a significant change within the Foodservice industry as the food culture shifts towards higher quality food and expediency. Customers will spend their money faster when they see what they are getting. With the progress of the new age of technology where everything is getting digitized, restaurants are striving to provide a frictionless experience for consumers.

The restaurant menus too are stepping forward and going digital. Digital Menu Boards are the new trend which will help Foodservice business to win customers. The hard copies of restaurant menus are replaced with digital ones due to the many benefits of a digital menu. Since a digital restaurant menu can be edited easily, it gives the advantage of your cafe or restaurant to be dynamic in your offerings. All the changes in the menu relating to the menu items and the pricing can be managed remotely and it will be able to provide a personalized experience to the customers.

If you have an e-menu on every table, then orders need not be taken down by your servers, which will, in turn, free up the reliance on staff and reduces dependence on manpower. This will reduce your need to tap the right restaurant staff, and then train and retain them and it will also reduce the scope of mistakes while order taking and the instances of misplaced orders. 

The never-ending growth and success of the food and service industry do not limit its constant progress and continuous developments with the changing trends and innovations. Keep up with the time and incorporate with the latest technology to grow your business unique and don’t become outdated.

Why POS is necessary?


Point of sale (POS) is a house hold name in the retail and restaurant industry. The automated system has had a revolution in the industry. Cash Flow, food inventory, Billing and Sales can be tracked with ease. Conventional bookkeeping is simplified enormously. A Good POS adds huge value to the restaurant or related retail industry.


POS system acts a gateway where every single transaction is recorded and analyzed. Since many POS systems are integrated with card and other payment methods, the payments are more secured. POS gives a premium value to the billing mechanism and to the outlet as well.

POS provides numerous advantages and updation to the existing manual mechanism. The communication from ordering staff to the kitchen has been simplified and made clearer. The order from the table has been sent to the printer of kitchen directly. The distance is reduced and the chef instantly receives order by KOT. The overhead of running errands of the waiter and lack of clarity in conveying orders are minimized.

Mobile POS integrated systems lean another step ahead by taking orders by tablets and mobile devices.
Fast and Smooth functioning up level the customer service rating and reviews from the customer part.

POS over Book keeping

Since every transactions and workflow is done and stored digitally, a lot of money is saved on conventional book keeping. Along with the billing, POS can keep a tab on Profit & Loss statements, and also on Sales tax. A well-managed POS helps to create payrolls.

Which POS to choose?

Expodine have been one of the lead runners in the POS system with over 5 years of experience, powered by Explore IT Solutions. And with “happy customers” network all over the globe, Explore IT Solutions tries to blend technology with dining to enhance the experience of restauranting.


upi (1)

What Is UPI ?

With India moving a step closer towards becoming a cashless economy with the launch of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) last year, every business is trying to get into this system so that they can also benefit from the new technology and in turn boost the sales with simplified cash transactions. With this new payment method, your smart phones will double up as virtual debit cards.

and you’ll be able to send or receive money instantly. Along with Bharat QR code, it can help you get rid of your wallet all together.

Here bank uses to transfer money and make payments using the IMPS (Immediate Payments Service). IMPS are faster than NEFT and let you transfer money immediately and it works 24×7. This means that the online payments will become much easier without requiring a digital wallet or credit or debit card.

With the Unified Payment Interface, all bank account holders can make secure fund transfers in an instant without the need to enter bank account information or net banking credentials.

As far as the end customer is considered, they need to download the third party app which has the payment method UPI. Like  Trupay,BHIM,Phonepe etc. Once done, they need to link account with app with one time registering with UPI giving your phone number as identity for registering and setting up with 6 digit code(which can be used to connect any app with account later on). Voila… that’s all. One can do payment and receive payments with that app.

How UPI will Help the Restaurant Business

By implementing UPI those who are into restaurant retail business can save the extra cost which they have to pay to the banks when they use a swiping card machine to accept payments from customers.

According to experts, the UPI will help to increase the business of the restaurants, takeaways and home delivery  joints by removing the hassle of keeping exact change for the remaining balance when the customers pays in the outlet or at their homes and reduce the delivery or table turnover time. Secondly, the people who do not have cash at home can pay through this app, giving your customer a convenience of paying through a card.

Scan and Pay with UPI Method is Readily available and integrated with Expodine Restaurant Management system, which will change the ways in cash settlement management are done.

Listing more to its advantages

  • With UPI there is no need to install any additional hardware or Swiping POS machine making it a cost effective solution.
  • All due amounts will be credited instantly into the Bank Account of the Merchant automatically.
  • Can view the live reports of the transaction.
  • Faster settlements means more table turnover ,which will directly effect the revenue of the restaurant .
For End Customers
  • Most advanced and cost effective payment system where the end customers can scan and pay directly from their bank account using any UPI app from their mobile phone
  • Unlike Mobile Wallets there is no need to top up money into mobile wallet account. With UPI you can directly pay from your bank account.
  • Customer can make UPI Payment through any UPI supported Apps or online banking applications

With a one-stop point for accessing different bank accounts in single app, single click authentication, try out  another new,super fast and secure payment mode available in present technology !this blog will may help users to adopting the new UPI system for there secure translation


The Best Restaurant POS System

Just because you have a small budget doesn’t mean that you have to settle for small marketing approaches. With these simple and cost-effective advertising tactics, you won’t believe how much business you will be able to generate – and you may even be shocked to find that you have some money left over in your budget (and you’ll certainly start enjoying a surge in your revenue).

Use Social Media Platforms

If you’re not using social media, you’re losing business. Get involved with the various social platforms to find what works best for your cuisine, customer base, and concept. You’ll want to post content with keywords that relate to your concept, cuisine or menu. Post photos of the restaurant, offer educational posts about culinary topics and sponsor community or charitable causes.

Get Your Website Ready

You need a functional website with responsive design to get anywhere in marketing your restaurant. Make this your first priority because almost all of the best marketing ideas depend on having a website to anchor them. Publicize your website on all your advertising, promotional materials and stationery because it’s just as important as the restaurant’s physical address

Optimize Your Online Presence

Claim your listings in local directories and restaurant review sites. Join the local chamber of commerce and business organizations. Send out press releases to local newspapers, magazines, schools and nearby manufacturing facilities to let them know your restaurant is open for business. Get your menu online on your website or through a third-party provider. Customers make reservations and place orders from their smartphones, so they need to be able to find your restaurant and menu online.

Foodie Photos

If you’ve ever logged onto Instagram, you’ll understand that food photography is alive and well.

Arguably the very best way to promote your restaurant online is with high-quality, drool-inducing photos. Visual content is in high demand online these days, and having delicious looking photos on your website and across various social media outlets is essential for drawing hungry eyes.


Blogging is a very effective way to advertise your restaurant and stay on budget. You don’t have to go crazy; just a basic blog that features fresh, relevant and attention-grabbing content (images of your food, posts about exciting upcoming events, new menu items, etc).

Promote your blog on your website and on your social media profiles. You won’t believe how much business you will be able to generate from a basic blog.

What types of marketing tactics are you employing to promote your restaurant? What has worked the best for you? Share your success stories with us! We’d love to hear them!




Hospitality use of Internet of Things technology can already be seen in Disney’s MagicBands, amusement parks and guest room control systems, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. IoT will expand to enhance both guest experience and operations efficiency in everything from deploying staff where guests are congregating to preventing equipment breakdowns. On exhibit at CES this year, for example, was a sensor that measured UV risk at its specific location and advised when to reapply sun screen; imagine this sensor embedded into a hotel’s pool chair, sensors will measure UV intensity and turn on buzzer to provide sun screen or automatically provide sun screen. This kind of adaptation we properly include in our hospitality system bring great change in restaurant business.

Main reason behind the failure of most of the restaurant management system is negligence or illiteracy to bring latest trends in hospitality. Diners have many demands, and to be successful in the business restaurateurs need to be able to meet those demands, giving at the same time a flawless dining experience no matter if it is rush hour. With the help of an efficient restaurant management software we can meet the needs of diners. The latest technology restaurant system, with their high levels of agility and flexibility, will serve as a cornerstone for successful future restaurant in creating competitive precedence.

Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales using Technology

Do you know to use technology to increase restaurant sales? If not, you’ll be left behind and that’s something no one would want.

Technology has already transformed the way we live and is quickly infiltrating every aspect of restaurant operation.

So, let’s take a look at ways in which you can exploit technology to increase your restaurant’s sales.


Ways to Increase restaurant Sales


  • Go digital Taste matters but people are also behind quality and freshness these days. Organic foods are the craze these days so if you could just mention that in your menu it would help bring in more sales.


Grab every opportunity to capture new customers by listing all the relevant information in your menu, which is something hard to achieve using traditional menu cards. So, opt for a digital menu instead which lets you list every detail that you can possibly think of, even the nutritional and allergy information and top it with a compelling image.


  • Go online Set up a website for your restaurant which lets your customers reserve table and order food online. This will not only help you reach people who prefer to eat at home but will also help you increase sales as people usually tend to order food for the entire family instead of just for themselves.


  • Games – Parents are always in a hurry to leave the restaurant as their children keep pestering them or start to cry without any reason. Keeping a few tablets handy containing games and interactive content will keep the children busy and parents relaxed. As a result, they will spend more by ordering appetisers, drinks or desserts.


  • Survey – Even though it is impossible to determine which is the best mobile OS, as everyone has their own personal preferences.


Tweaking your restaurant’s dishes based on the feedback received is something that can be easily achieved.


A tablet-based restaurant management software lets you accept instant feedbacks before the customer even leaves the table which in turn helps you take informed decisions.


  • Social Media – People love to post pictures of dishes online and review eateries. Having a strong online presence by having several positive customer reviews and posting pictures of drool-inducing dishes helps reach potential customers by making them aware of your restaurant’s name and influence their choice.


  • Loyalty Program – Having a loyalty program in place helps you in luring existing customers to come in more often by offering coupons or special discounts specially tailored for them. This can be done manually in the form of an SMS or email, or you can automate it by using a restaurant management software.


If you follow all the above steps, you will have an edge when it comes to capturing spend-happy, food loving customers, and increasing restaurant sales.

9 Restaurant Management System Features Every Growing Restaurant Needs


Restaurant management is not an easy task and when it comes down to keeping track of and managing day-to-day tasks such as inventory management, stock management, consistency management etc depending on a restaurant management system is something worth considering even for the most experienced restaurant operator.

To minimize the headaches associated with managing a restaurant and to stay ahead of your competitors, consider investing in a restaurant management system with the following features.

Expodine Barbeque factory Calicut

Stock/Inventory Management

Imagine having to go to the library to refer about something you would like to know, be it about how to manage a restaurant or anything else. How would that make you feel? You can’t even imagine going back to a time like that, right?

Not only does the lack of an automated Stock/Inventory report slows you down, it also hinders your efficiency to perform informed decisions based on facts.

The operations that you can perform using these reports are priceless, based on the past report you can make several changes like removing the menu items that aren’t selling. This will not only make you life a lot more easy but will also improve the profit of your restaurant.


Table Management

Instead of having to walk back and forth to monitor the status of the tables, that is, if they are occupied, vacant or reserved is a tiresome task.

Automating these tasks will not only take a lot of weight off your shoulders but will also increase the average table turn-around time. Increased table turn time not only ensures an increase in profit but also leaves a smile on the face of your customers as they get seated and attended to fast.


Menu Management

Based on your past sales reports some changes might have to be made to the menu to prevent any type of loss that might occur due to the items that aren’t selling.

The lack of a digital/eMenu will require you to print different menu cards as per the changing needs of your customers.

However, investing in a digital restaurant menu makes the user experience rewarding and gives you the freedom to not only modify the menu items but also provides many other features including suggesting combinations, getting feedback from your customers etc.


Cash flow Management

As a customer, you would never like to be presented the bill earlier than expected and would like to keep the tipping amount confidential when dining in a group.

Cash flow management puts an end to all this by giving customers the freedom to pay the bill amount whenever they feel like using debit/credit card or cash, and the amount that you tip will be visible to only the person performing the transaction. Unless of course someone peeks into your screen :P.


Loyalty Program

When you are visiting a restaurant often, a little bit of recognition makes you happy and feel valued.

Loyalty program makes your repeat customers feel special by presenting them with rewards and special offers, specially tailored for them.


Order Status

Order status lets your customer know about the present status of the order, whether it is under preparation, ready, or out to be served.


Offline mode

A restaurant management system that can function without having to be connected to the internet all the time avoids downtime if there is any kind of internet issue.


Easy integration

Easy integration reduces the data entry requirements as the old database can be integrated seamlessly with any POS system out there.



The main advantage of having a cloud-based restaurant management system is that the detailed business reports of your restaurant can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, round the clock. Eliminating the need for you to be physically present at the location of your restaurant.


Investing in the right restaurant management system will not only make the process of managing your restaurant easy, it will also save your restaurant from failing. That being said, it’s really up to you whether you wish to invest in a restaurant management system.


Still not sure?

Do one thing, simply take a coin and toss it.

I’m not asking you to toss the coin so that you can take a decision based on the  coins outcome but because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you’ll suddenly know what you are hoping for.

If there’s anything else that you would like to add.  Please do post it in the comment section down below.

Expodine introduces Kerala’s first digital/eMenu for restaurants

Digital/eMenu for restaurants-Expodine


Digital/eMenu is the latest addition from Expodine, a leading global provider of tablet-based restaurant management software that promises to transform the way restaurants operate. It’s more than a digital restaurant menu. It’s a complete menu management solution designed to save time and increase your restaurant’s revenue with features including

  • Order Management
  • Menu Management
  • Feedback Screen
  • Loyalty System
  • Category Filter
  • Item Modifiers
  • Bill Generation

Expodine is the pioneer in Kerala to provide digital restaurant menu with all the features restaurant owners have been crying out for, and among the first to implement it, is the Calicut branch of Hug a Mug. It’s an extraordinary, yet intuitive app that outperforms your expectations. So, how does it work?

Emenu takes the form of a clever android application, much like the ones that we have all become accustomed to. From your android tablet now you’re able to perform all the functions of order/menu management that a waiter had to perform earlier. It takes care of menu management, placing and tracking orders, staff communication, and feedback management. It optimises customers experience, speeds up performance, empowers staffs and restaurant managers like never before.

Many restaurateurs remain sceptical of restaurant management systems, menu management systems or POS systems, which have been limited and cumbersome in the past. But, these concerns are fully laid to rest with Expodine. Mr Rijas Backer, M.D, Expodine, explained “Almost every restaurant was looking for a way to make the cumbersome task of menu management easier by digitizing the menu. Emenu is Expodine’s response to the demand for a digital restaurant menu. Once you have it, you simply don’t need anything else”.

Now, you may ask, what about implementation? A key aim for Expodine is seamless integration, requiring minimum hardware, training or installation. You can switch over to Expodine within a day. Getting started is incredibly easy; all you need is an android tablet, the app, a cash drawer, a WiFi router and a printer if you would like receipts. Setting up the app is a simple, fully customizable process with a smart intuitive back-end that allows restaurant owners to edit menu, alter pricing and apply specials, discounts and much more. For those who get stuck, Expodine also offers screen wise tutorial, as well as full-time customer support.

So, what’s the catch here? Well, there doesn’t really seem to be one. The app is intuitive, it’s affordable and incredibly smart. Overall, Expodine is set to make big waves in the restaurant industry, a no brainer for progressive thinking restaurant owners who want to maximise efficiency and take their business by the horns.

How to choose the right restaurant POS system

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to expand your restaurant or open a new one. Well, it does, but just

like the mathematical proofs in our textbooks, let’s suppose it doesn’t. You will have to think about

installing POS (Point of sale) system sooner or later as it is the need of the time. Choosing a restaurant POS system

may seem overwhelming, but making the right choice will save a lot of time and money later down the


How to choose the right restaurant POS system image


The following tips will help you make the right choice. Let’s dive right in.


Define the needs of your restaurant
Just like upgrading from an old motorcycle to a new one, if your restaurant already has a POS system

installed and you are thinking of upgrading. Jot down all the problems and missing features, and also

think about any cumbersome task that needs to be simplified.


Do you think that there is a better place than searching for it on Google? Most of you would say no! but

there is a more reliable person who can help you more than Google. Wondering who that person might

be? That person is not Sherlock Holmes, it’s your employee. Talk to your employees as well.


Hardware requirements
There is no need to buy a gaming PC if the only thing that you are going to use is Microsoft Word. Same

is the case with restaurant POS systems, look for POS systems that can be easily integrated with any POS

system out there. If you happen to own a conventional POS system, choose the POS vendor who gives

you the freedom to choose your own hardware.


Compared to the hardware, the software is more important. So, try the free demo before making up

your mind.


When selecting a restaurant POS, there are two available licensing options; one time licensing and

recurring SaaS. One time licensing will free you from any recurring payments. Recurring SaaS model can

be easily downgraded, upgraded or canceled anytime, making it feasible and more ideal in the long

run. Choose whichever suits you best.


Just like phone a friend/audience poll option in the show “Who wants to be a millionaire”, reach out to

your friends and seek their opinion or start a discussion on relevant groups and forums. Find out where

the POS vendor is located and their support hours.


See it in action
Restaurant POS systems might not be the same as in paper. Request for a free demonstration from the

POS vendor and try out the free demo (if available). Look for issues and other factors such as user

friendliness, features etc.


Set-up the software and hardware properly, even a Ferrari is useless if not set up properly. Test the POS

system during free hours and train your employees to use it before making the transition.


Make the most of it
Don’t just contact your POS vendor to seek technical help. Enquire about any free resources that might

be available. Asking for these resources takes minimal time and will help you in the long run.


P.S: What are you waiting for, go choose the right POS system for your restaurant as it will make your

restaurant at least 157% more efficient. That percentage was totally made up. But still, it works.