Expodine introduces Kerala’s first digital/eMenu for restaurants

Digital/eMenu for restaurants-Expodine


Digital/eMenu is the latest addition from Expodine, a leading global provider of tablet-based restaurant management software that promises to transform the way restaurants operate. It’s more than a digital restaurant menu. It’s a complete menu management solution designed to save time and increase your restaurant’s revenue with features including

  • Order Management
  • Menu Management
  • Feedback Screen
  • Loyalty System
  • Category Filter
  • Item Modifiers
  • Bill Generation

Expodine is the pioneer in Kerala to provide digital restaurant menu with all the features restaurant owners have been crying out for, and among the first to implement it, is the Calicut branch of Hug a Mug. It’s an extraordinary, yet intuitive app that outperforms your expectations. So, how does it work?

Emenu takes the form of a clever android application, much like the ones that we have all become accustomed to. From your android tablet now you’re able to perform all the functions of order/menu management that a waiter had to perform earlier. It takes care of menu management, placing and tracking orders, staff communication, and feedback management. It optimises customers experience, speeds up performance, empowers staffs and restaurant managers like never before.

Many restaurateurs remain sceptical of restaurant management systems, menu management systems or POS systems, which have been limited and cumbersome in the past. But, these concerns are fully laid to rest with Expodine. Mr Rijas Backer, M.D, Expodine, explained “Almost every restaurant was looking for a way to make the cumbersome task of menu management easier by digitizing the menu. Emenu is Expodine’s response to the demand for a digital restaurant menu. Once you have it, you simply don’t need anything else”.

Now, you may ask, what about implementation? A key aim for Expodine is seamless integration, requiring minimum hardware, training or installation. You can switch over to Expodine within a day. Getting started is incredibly easy; all you need is an android tablet, the app, a cash drawer, a WiFi router and a printer if you would like receipts. Setting up the app is a simple, fully customizable process with a smart intuitive back-end that allows restaurant owners to edit menu, alter pricing and apply specials, discounts and much more. For those who get stuck, Expodine also offers screen wise tutorial, as well as full-time customer support.

So, what’s the catch here? Well, there doesn’t really seem to be one. The app is intuitive, it’s affordable and incredibly smart. Overall, Expodine is set to make big waves in the restaurant industry, a no brainer for progressive thinking restaurant owners who want to maximise efficiency and take their business by the horns.

Ways to Lower Food Cost in a Restaurant

How to lower food cost in a restaurant

There are many things that keep a restaurateur up at night and the rising food costs are one of them.

It becomes extremely difficult to monitor the profit and loss in a restaurant because of the constantly varying inventory costs adding up to the food costs.

In the journey to alleviate food costs in your restaurant, you’ll likely start cutting quality of the dish, which is the biggest mistake a restaurateur can ever make. Special care should be taken to lower the food cost without sacrificing the quality.

So, what is food cost?. Food cost is the sum total of preparation costs, handling costs, and everything else that goes into a dish, including the salt and ketchup. Even consider the potential food wastage and portion size while calculating the food cost.

Many restaurateurs would argue that instead of lowering the food costs, you should concentrate on improving the menu items. That would be absolutely helpful but improving the menu items alone is not going to get you anywhere. Imagine that you try out the same dish from two different restaurants A and B, which offers the best-in-class service and drool-inducing dishes that’ll leave you begging for more. But the only difference between them is that restaurant A offers the dish at a lower cost. If that is the case, which restaurant would you go back to?.

If I was in your place I would say restaurant B just to prove the writer wrong ;). Well, jokes apart almost everyone would prefer going back to restaurant B.

The key point that ever restaurateur should remember is that it’s not about lowering the food costs, it’s all about improving the food costs. Before jumping right into the article think of at least two ways by which you can improve your restaurant’s food costs and if you can’t find those ways listed in this article do let me know. Are you ready?

Let’s get started.


Menu analysis

The menu is the most crucial factor that drives income into your restaurant. Special care should be taken to regularly analyse the menu to keep the food costs in check and the margins up.

When conducting menu analysis, monitor on a day to day basis and try to come up with at least one way by which you can alleviate your food cost. Also, consider eliminating the parts of a menu that are regularly being left uneaten.


Buy in bulk

Approach local farmers and food manufacturers to buy food in bulk. This is not as difficult as it seems. Because of the growing competition among farmers, you might even end up with a better deal if you do proper research.

Even if the items are being offered dirt cheap take special care to never compromise on the quality of food items being purchased as the taste of the menu items will vary drastically based on the ingredients being used.



Negotiate with at least three other suppliers and get the service quoted by them. Also, let the supplier that you are already negotiating with know that you are getting quotes and will go with the best one available.

To have piece of mind, always have a backup supplier in case of a deadlock. This will also grant you more confidence while negotiating a deal.


Reduce Wastage

Based on the past sales maintain a record of what all items you want before placing the order. Special care should be taken to avoid overbuying fresh produce. Upon arrival, inspect the products and store them properly ( Before storing hot items in a refrigerator pre-cool them, ensure that proper temperatures are being maintained inside the freezer/refrigerator etc). Ensure that everything is organised and labelled with their purchase date.

Letting your staffs know that you are going to monitor what gets dumped and following up using clear plastic bags helps. Also, consider donating food items that you are not planning to use.


Buy Seasonal

The relative abundance of the food items when the produce is in season locally makes it cheaper. During the off-season, the items are grown in a hothouse or shipped from other parts of the world, which adversely affects the taste of the items. As the taste of the food items that we buy is as important as the cost, if not more, consider designing seasonal menu cards.


Try Different Brands

Don’t be afraid to try out different brands before settling upon one as the chances of ending up with items of the same quality at a much cheaper rate is high if you keep experimenting with different brands.



Save time and eliminate data entry errors by investing in a restaurant management system that helps in completely automating the processes like inventory management, accounts management, and several other tasks such as menu management etc.


Train Staffs

Slow/bad service can doom a restaurant. As every customer who walks out of the door is a loss in revenue, train your staffs well to implement portion control, reduce wastage, and increase the table turnaround time.


Control Portion Size

No one notices if you offer too much food, but everyone looses their mind if you are giving less.

So, special care should be taken while controlling the portion size as it’s important to keep the portion sizes in check to maintain the overall restaurant profits.


Prevent Theft

Product theft is a major factor of profit loss. Special care should be taken to prevent theft. Consider installing security cameras strategically to monitor employees and let them know that they are constantly being monitored.

In the run to increase your restaurant’s revenue take special care to not cut the quality of the dish. After all, that’s what keeps the customers coming back for more. Implementing the above- mentioned steps will help you in the journey to increase your restaurant’s revenue.

Having anything extra to add? Feel free to post your comments/suggestions down below.

4 reasons why your business should focus on upgrading your restaurant management system

Internet-based devices have made our life a whole lot easier by almost completely automating our day to day processes.

There have been a lot of technical advances in our world and restaurant industry has been the pioneers in embracing these modern technologies which have led to the rise of tablet-based restaurant POS system.

A lot of changes have taken place in the restaurant industry lately, the front of house staffs have moved from using pen and paper to take orders to a computer and lately they have moved from that to a tablet-based restaurant POS system.

As the competition is high, you have to keep your ear to the ground to be on par with your competitors.

If your restaurant still uses the same old bulky POS system, you might have received the advice to move to a new restaurant POS system at least once. Just don’t make up your mind yet.

Get out there and find out for yourself.

Is it time for you to upgrade your restaurant mangement system?-expodine.com

Getting a new restaurant management system is not like going out in the market to buy the latest smartphone offered by your favorite brand. If you’re ready, the article on choosing the right POS system for your restaurant will prove to be helpful.

If you are not facing any issues with the already installed POS software, then there is almost no need to move to a new system. But if you facing the below-given problems, then you are strongly advised to move to the latest restaurant management system that meets your needs.


Technical issues

You are facing technical difficulties more often and are unable to find the root cause of the problem. Just like windows 10’s, something happened error message.

Everyone loses their mind when they are in the middle of something and windows crashes displaying a blue screen of death. Same is the case with restaurant POS system, but we always suppress our anger and reboot the system as we don’t want to risk buying a new system as a result of punching the display.

It’s okay if you are the only one using the system ( Well, it’s not okay. But for the time being let’s just assume that it’s okay).But as your customers always have the option to place the order from anywhere else, you are strongly advised to fix the issue or move to a new restaurant management system if you don’t want to risk losing your customers, as the customers can get frustrated easily and they always have the option to place the order from any other restaurant.

In a restaurant, profit and time are linked. A restaurant POS software that crashes frequently will increase the table turnaround time, thereby leaving the staffs and customers unhappy, which will ultimately result in a loss of business.


Lack of flexibility

It’s no secret that restaurant customers dine out not just to have good food as they always have the option to have food from anywhere in the world. They dine out to have a memorable experience and great service always keeps them coming back for more.

The key to great customer service is to treat every customer as if they were your family.

People tend to enjoy quicker meal deliveries and a place where they can enjoy it with their friends/family.

Treating your customers well is the gateway to make them keep coming back and bulky old POS systems hold you down like shackles when you are trying to move freely to efficiently manage your customers. Not only does it slow you down, it also clutters up your counter space.

Everyone likes to dine in a restaurant where they treat their customers in a way that would make them feel special. But if your staffs are running back and forth towards the fixed POS system and back to the table, then your customers are not going to have a pleasant experience.


Lack of support

Old POS systems will be more prone to attacks from hackers due to the lack of software patches to fix security vulnerabilities. You can’t risk getting the card details of your customers getting compromised.

If your POS system provider is not in existence anymore and you are finding it hard to get it fixed. Then, you should seriously consider upgrading.


Lack of additional functionality

If you think that your restaurant POS system doesn’t seems to be running as well as it once did and needs additional functionalities like inventory management, loyalty programs, and options to manage online orders.

Also, if your staffs are finding it hard to apply special discounts and offers to specific orders, and are not happy with your current restaurant POS. Then, it is time for you to move to a new restaurant point of sale system as it offers many additional
features like providing the customer the option to skip the line and place the order from anywhere, automatic birthday wishes, and think about how much time can be saved by upgrading.


P.S So, is it time for you to upgrade?
The fact that upgrading to a new restaurant management system helps you solve the above-mentioned problems makes it easy to recommend, but you are free to pass on the opportunity as well.

How to save a failing restaurant

Even restaurants with good food and service go out of business. This might sound ridiculous but it’s actually true. I have no plans of delivering an essay about the steps you can take to prevent your restaurant from falling into the list of failed restaurants. So, I’m going to attempt to keep this article as short as possible in order to talk about all of the steps without making you doze off. Let’s dive right in.


How to save a failing restaurant-expodine.com



Review food cost

Food and beverages are the main contributors of profit in a restaurant business. But having an overpriced menu item might break your restaurant.

Conduct a proper competitor analysis and review your food costs to make sure that you are not charging too much.

During my college days, I kept track of the best dishes available in the locality of my college and the restaurants which offered a better deal without compromising the quality of food. Same is the case with customers, no one likes to get charged more for the same service offered.


Employee management

Properly trained staffs are the lifeblood of your restaurant. It is impossible to manage the restaurant on your own without loyal employees. Paying them fairly, providing meaningful feedback in a constructive manner, and making them feel valued will make them happy and hard working.

Don’t trust your staffs blindly. Place security cameras strategically to monitor if your employees are stealing anything  or taking advantage of free food and beverages and also install a biometric fingerprint time clock in your restaurant to keep track of their activities. Also, consider firing any extra staffs that you have in your restaurant.


Act of kindness

Offering free dessert for a well-behaved child and providing special discounts or offering extra portions for a customer’s favorite dish once in a while will make them coming back for more and spending more on other menu items.

If a customer’s card gets declined, respect them as an individual and always be willing to take the blame to avoid embarrassment by using the phrase, “We are having trouble with our machines and the card would not go through”.


Online reviews

The best way to find out why your restaurant sales are declining is to read online reviews as they are the greatest source of honest feedback.

Respond to reviews as soon as possible. Tackle negative reviews by showing interest in the problem and always remembering the golden rule of customer management, “The customer is always right”. Try to find out what went wrong and work together to reach a compensation for the inconvenience caused.


Social Media

Use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc to promote menu items by posting drool-inducing images of cuisines and also use it as a medium to attract customers by offering special offers, this might skyrocket your sales if you succeed in building a fan base. All of this matters only if you are providing delicious food, and a pleasant, relaxed eating and social environment for your customers to enjoy their food.


Turn tables quickly

Every customer that walks out of the door during rush hours is a loss in revenue. Based on the type of your restaurant you should concentrate on either increasing the average check size per table or increasing the table turn time. Make sure that your customers get seated and waited on as quickly as possible. Consider training your staffs to manage tables faster or invest in a restaurant management software to increase the table turnaround time.

Take special care to never rush customers, but if a customer is causing a loss to your business by sitting there for a long time even after finishing their course, politely offer them a free drink at the bar (If you consider that as a good practice).

If you are planning to be evil, you can also offer free refills that taste bad, and install an uncomfortable seating.


Nonessential assets

Handover nonessential assets that are on lease like the surplus fridge, ice making machine, utility vehicle etc that is lying around without any use.



If your budget allows, consider updating the décor and focus on music, lighting, and aroma to provide a pleasant, relaxed eating and social environment to make your restaurant warm and inviting.

Research from the University of South Wales showed that subjects spent more in restaurants with upbeat music. Depressing songs led to less spending, but the worst results happened when there was no music at all.


Update Menu

I’m bad at storytelling but I’ll try my best to not doze you off. It goes like this, “Neo was a chubby little boy who happens to be  a foodie, with the dreams of having impeccable chicken cuisines he went to a wedding along with his brother Morpheus. With high hopes, he went straight to the catering area without even waiting for his brother. After reaching there, he realized that all that was offered was vegetarian food. His eyes were filled with tears, and they were not tears of joy”.

Now, you might be wondering what does it has to do with this article. Well, I’m getting into that. Conduct a proper study before designing your menu, to ensure that the dishes that you are planning to offer for the area in which your restaurant operates is right for the potential customers of that particular area (Neo in the above case).

Also, consider bringing in experts in hospitality to provide feedback on how to improve the menu and other offerings, and remove menu items that aren’t selling.


Want to share your ideas on how to save a failing restaurant? Feel free to post your creative ideas below.

New Year Resolution for Restaurants | 2016 edition

Do you want 2016 to be your best year yet? If yes, read on.

A New Year resolution is not just about getting fit and healthy eating. When it comes to your restaurant, you should concentrate not only on resolutions that’ll increase sales and result in a higher ROI (Return on Investment) but also on resolutions that’ll make your customers happy.


New year's resolution for restaurants


Let’s dive right in.


Social Media

Even if you were hiding under a rock for the past few years, it’s high time you get your restaurant in front of the public. A bit of publicity might sky rocket your restaurant’s sales just like it did for Justin Bieber.

Use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc to promote your restaurant by posting drool-inducing photos, recipe preparation methods (don’t post it online if you want it to be a secret) and special offers to attract more customers.

Interact with your customers online and don’t forget to respond to customer enquiries as avoiding enquiries will leave a bad impression among potential customers.



To stay ahead in this technology driven era, adopt to new technologies. If 103-year-old Lillian can use Facebook, why can’t you? Invest in a mobile app to stay ahead and consider installing a tablet-based restaurant POS system to attract customers.



Your master chef or other staffs might be the only reason why customers are eating at your restaurant. Imagine the loss you’d have to go through if one of your favorite staff decides to resign. No one would like to go through that much trouble. If you want to avoid such a situation in the future, treat your staffs well. Be there for them when they need you, help them in time of emergency, offer perks and make your workplace fun.


Consider updating the décor and focus on music, lighting and aroma to make your restaurant warm and inviting.

Consider redesigning your menu to make it more appealing by adding a new menu item and consider removing menu items that aren’t selling.


Go eco-friendly

There are many ways by which your restaurant can go environment-friendly, they are:

  • Save water by investing in energy efficient toilets and faucets.
  • Invest in energy efficient appliances and equipment to save on electricity bill.
  • Use biodegradable containers for packing food and leftovers.
  • Use green housekeeping chemicals to clean your restaurant.



Strategically place security cameras in your restaurant to improve the overall safety. While installing security cameras make sure that it covers the cash counter and the kitchen.


Customer service

Keep your customers happy as word of mouth is one of the greatest way of advertising and the icing on the cake is that it’s totally free.

Remember that the customer is always right and try to get feedback from them whenever possible.

If there’s an issue with an order, work out a form of compensation. One way to avoid an issue is to ask questions to be clear about the order.



Consumers are becoming more health conscious. So, consider using fewer preservatives or avoid artificial preservatives if you can.

Food wastage

Reduce food wastage by avoiding overbuying, monitoring portion size and offering half sized portions.  Donating food that you will not use is also a good practice.



Treat customers well and train your staffs to answer any questions that your customers might have.


Expand into catering but test the waters before making any decision and also consider implementing a different menu to increase sales during off-peak hours.


my new year's resolution - Expodine.com

Following these tips will ensure steady growth for your restaurant in 2016, but you’re free to pass on this opportunity as well.

5 Benefits of using tablet-based restaurant POS system

Tablet-based restaurant POS system looks cool and is intuitive to use when compared to conventional POS system. From restaurant owners to customers, chefs to stewards, everyone is head over heels in love with the smartness of these systems. Let’s take a look at the features that are making people go gaga over tablet POS system. Before jumping into the features, many would like to debate the pros and cons of android and iOS operating system. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the developers who built it. Now let’s dive right into the features.


5 Benefits of using tablet-based restaurant POS system


Low cost:

No one likes to spend a fortune on a product if they can get a better product cheaper. Same is the case with restaurant POS system. Why bother spending a fortune on conventional POS system when you can get a better, feature-rich tablet POS system cheaper.

Unlike most of the conventional POS system dealers who try to reap money from your pocket selling overpriced equipment making false promises, nothing can possibly go wrong when setting up a tablet- based POS system as the dealers provide you with the freedom to choose your own tablet.


Unlike conventional POS systems where there is no way to try the equipment live in your restaurant, almost all tablet POS system offering companies offer free product demo ranging from a few days to over a month which saves money as you would not have to pay a single penny during the demo period. The icing on the cake is that you can try a different POS system on the same tablet or use it for your personal use if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Easy Maintenance:

If you ever used a conventional POS system, you might be aware of the problems one has to go through to get the service guy to repair your POS system if anything goes awry. Just like Amazon, everyone loves a service provider who cares for you even if a zombie apocalypse occurs. Tablet- based POS systems are going to be the next Amazon for restaurant owners.  You don’t have to worry about your business coming to a screeching halt as you will receive remote technical support. There’s also no need for maintenance as the updates can be rolled out over the air without any downtime.

Easy integration:

Tablet POS systems may be small in appearance but they pack a big punch, they can be easily integrated with any POS system out there. Being able to monitor a restaurant while being away from it is the feature every restaurant owner desires as they can enjoy their life when they are away without having to worry about their business. Many system also offers robust features like real-time tracking, stock management etc.

Enhanced customer experience:

Everyone loves it when they get more than what they bargained for. The ability to move around with your POS system is a feature that stewards love as it makes the process of order taking fast and, as a result, the processing time of food is reduced to a great extent which in turn makes the chef happy as they can easily manage orders. The customers are also happy as their order gets ready before their expected time. A restaurant is nothing without customers so if the customer is happy the ROI (Return on Investment) on your restaurant’s investment will improve drastically.

P.S. It would be great if you implement a tablet-based POS system as it will make everyone happy (including you), but you are free to pass on the opportunity as well.

Best Restaurant Management Tips and Solutions

Smart owners will always be thinking of ways to improve their restaurant. In the words of Michael Mina “There’s always room to improve in a restaurant. A restaurant is better or worse every day than it was the day before. It’s impossible not to be, because it’s human”.

Let’s dive right in.


Best Restaurant Management Tips and Solutions Infographic



Make your restaurant more appealing

  • Provide a good atmosphere: Focus on music, lighting and smell to start setting the mood. It should be warm and inviting. Research from the University of South Wales showed that subjects spent more in restaurants with upbeat music. Depressing songs led to less spending, but the worst results happened when there was no music at all.
  • Avoid an overcomplicated menu: Avoid an overcomplicated menu that confuses customers with overwhelming choices, cryptic language and a complex layout. Provide a menu that makes it easy for customers to search for dishes by arranging items sequentially and in logical groups. Featuring the dishes you’re best at making can also attract more customers.


Ways to attract more customers

The most influential primary sectors of a restaurant are ambience, service and food. Apart from these, use the below-mentioned tips to grow your business:

  • Focus on building a great website: Setting up a website for your restaurant is a great way to attract more customers. It really helps you build trust among existing and potential customers and can make a great first impression with new visitors.
  • Check in apps: List your restaurant on famous check-in apps like Foursquare as they are getting more popular day by day. More than 45 million users use Foursquare alone.
  • Special occasion email/message: Send an email/message to your regular customers on their birthday or any other special occasion and offer a free product on the house. This will attract more customers and may get business from other members accompanying him/her.
  • Collaborate on special offers: Collaborate with different organisations to provide offers such as dinner and a movie, discount offered to customers in a nearby motel etc.
  • Consistency: Customers like consistency. It’s important to maintain the quality and consistency of your food to keep your customers coming back.
  • Social media: Best way to promote your restaurant is to post pictures of mouth-watering, drool-worthy, beautifully arranged drink and food online. Use social media to show how many people have tried your restaurant and loved it. Always respond when people reach out to you. Build your following!


Save money

  • Energy-efficient equipment and appliances: Investing in energy-efficient appliances and equipment will save money in the long run. While they might cost more at the start, they will help you save money in the long run. Also, keep appliances off when you don’t need them.
  • Adapting cost effective solutions: Using apt technological solutions will surely help in efficient management in a cost effective manner. Consulting and finding the right technology and software for your restaurant will make it easier to manage.
  • Low flow toilets and faucets: Installing low-flow toilets and faucets will save up to 40% off your water bill.
  • Avoid over-staffing: It may be tempting to hire more people than necessary in order to ensure that the restaurant runs smoothly. However, too many staffs will increase your labour costs and reduce your overall profit.
  • Remove menu items that aren’t selling: Removing menu items that aren’t selling will help reduce food spoilage.


Ways to make customers happy

  • Clean restaurant: Customers want a clean restaurant. Don’t just wipe the tables, check every nook and corner of your restaurant and make sure it’s clean, including the toilets. Check for chewing gum underneath the table and chair.

In addition to the restaurant, ensure that your staffs clothes are clean. The appearance of your staff reflects on your restaurant just as much as the building.

  • Offer perks: Offer perks to your repeat customers. Introduce a card system and offer points based on the bill amount that can be redeemed later.
  • Communicate: Greet customers and answer their questions regarding the menu items and specials. Let customers have a say.
  • Send messages: Send message greetings to your customers on special occasions such as their birthday or anniversary.
  • Avoid insect and hair problems: Customers should never find a hair on their table or ( an insect/a hair ) in their food.


Ways to keep your best employees

  • Fair wage: Your employees may be loving their jobs and might be happy, but at the end of the day they are working for you to earn a living. Smart owners pay well.
  • Meetings: Hold frequent meetings. Greet your employees daily and talk with them for a few minutes. Solicit their feedback so they don’t feel voiceless. Make sure your staffs feel part of your restaurant’s success.
  • Resolve conflicts: Resolve conflicts effectively by making sure you stay neutral while negotiating a solution or compromise to the problem.
  • Perks: Provide perks based on the employee’s performance.
  • Make your workplace fun: Make your restaurant an exciting place to be by holding frequent contests, celebrations, and team-building activities. Plan occasional group excursions to get everyone out.


Incorporate technology

  • Free Wi-Fi: Offer free Wi-Fi only if you have an unlimited data plan with high speed.
  • Games at the table: Parents are often exhausted after a long day at work. Give the parents of young children a break while occupying their children. Consider handheld gaming devices at the table.
  • Tablet ordering: Invest in a tablet-based POS system like Expodine to boost your sales, reduce upfront and long-term costs, manage your business on the go and create customer satisfaction.

For more info view this awesome infographic.


Apps change the way you run your restaurant business! Here’s how.

digital-menu-restaurant-management-systemBusiness models have been completely disrupted with advent of some revolutionary companies developing new ways to sugar-coat the advertising; information selling. They don’t sell the customers ads that kill their favourite entertainment, but they supply them with something they want when they are looking for it. Starting with the portals that pulled information from across the web, to search engines to apps that just show you what’s available right now on discount at your local restaurant, the way technology changes the way business is conducted can no longer be ignored by any business owner who wants to sustain and thrive.

Advertising – give back to the customer!

Yeah, let’s give some money back to the customer, though the restaurant owners didn’t say or liked the concept of discount sales, economics won. Increase in the volume of sales paid for the discounts. The pioneer in the flood of coupons and offers were none other than “Groupon”, the company has changed the way many restaurants spend their money on advertising. They have created a new way, a reason to approach customers to restaurants or any business for that matter. Businesses can now say to a prospect, hey we are giving you a discount for the service you have been looking for, but come tonight.

Personalization – tailor made offers!

In the web of service providers, ads can no longer be differentiated from useful, powerful information; ad for one can be a very useful money saving instrument for the other. The technology is made so simple that no company does everything, but they depend on services and products developed by others and each of them make it ready to be integrated with the other’s. It’s one of the best forms of cooperation these days, though it can also be seen as another form of survival in a competitive environment. Personalization is made possible with a large number of players coming together, bringing intelligence from across a variety of sources.

Simplify – be informed before deciding.

Apps have recently, not so recent, entered many of the POS operations. These were once run by large systems with huge investments to implement, run and maintain. However, these weren’t going beyond a level of control offered to the management. Customers did not benefit much either. The advent of apps have offered the restaurant business a way of interacting with customers just making tablet available at their disposal. These apps are at the end of the large chain of events explained above, though one of the latest to be added.

Here, Expodine, our application is a tablet based restaurant management system; benefits from a chain of events explained above happening right now in the hospitality sector. Expodine completes the experience started maybe on a Google search, or a subscription on your favourite blog or a reference from your social media buddy.

If you are inclined to offer a discount or a deal, or be ready to receive some reviews on foursquare or mouthshut or even on your facebook page, Checkout how one of the expodine features like the tablet based order taking help your customers ease themselves and enjoy a great time out at your place.

Finally, a good news for those who haven’t yet tried one of these technological advancements, they say content is king for a decade on many of the online based marketing campaigns, for restaurants, quality is still the king. All these applications somehow support the end user, the customer with their product; quality information which will definitely reflect the standard of your business.

Expodine is definitely a headstart, for those who haven’t given a serious thought for technology as a way to advertise and market, to benefit from the long chain of events already established and currently controlling the market.

Key Roles of Digital menu/Tablet menu in Restaurant Management

We do find it hard waiting for food in restaurants and it’s always far more complicated when it comes to management. Every restaurant’s might have been thinking the same for a better solution to manage the “waiting time” and if we could reduce the same it can change the phase of restaurants itself. When it’s time for a change the best option is to introduce technology and shape it as per our needs. Similarly do you feel it’s time to change the old way of food ordering system?


Some of the top restaurants have experimented with Tablet ordering system and the results they found were superb. With the proper use of technology it really made an impact in managing restaurants comfortably and also made the ordering process faster. Some of the key roles inhabited through tablet ordering system were

  • Fast order processing

Tablet ordering system will make the placement of orders faster, in just a single tap your order will pop up in kitchen KOT screen. This results in reduced waiting time.

  • Waiting will be reformed as fun

As the tablet has entertainment facilities, customers will never get tired of waiting.

  • Systematic ordering system

Ordering system will be systematic as per the KOT no./ Order no. Orders can be served in a first come first serve manner.

  • Reduces Human loads

Tablets on table system can decrease lots of human efforts..

  • Increase the revenue

Fast processing of orders will not only make restaurant process faster, it will also bring more customers in, as the tablet ordering system will provide a unique dining experience. This results in an increase in revenue.

  • Easy bill generation

Customers are never confused when the bill arrives, as they can know the total price and details of the order when they tap the confirm button, and bill generation request can be send in a single tap.

  • On time service caller

Alert stewards for any assistance in just a single tap.

Using the right thing at right place has certainly made the tablet system proved to be one of the best solutions for an efficient restaurant management. Above all, finding the perfect software is the crucial part for the management since it can either be a mess or the perfect one. Mr. Rijas Backer Managing Director of Expodine suggests that Expodine is built with the capability to manage your restaurants efficiently using android tablet solutions. It can be your potential choice since it can be customized in accordance to restaurant functionalities. For more details contact Expodine – +91 9895 31 34 34, +91 495 401 35 45.

Restaurants without tablet ordering system vs Restaurants with tablet ordering system – [infographic]

Following infographic compares the working process of restaurants with and without tablet ordering facility. And it explains how a restaurant management system with tablet ordering facility will give a delightful dining experience for the restaurant visitors and makes it easy for the restaurants staffs to deliver and record the orders.



If you are a restaurant owner/manager and if you wanted to deliver your customers an out standing dining experience and  simplify the whole restaurant management process at the same time, Give us a call on +91 9895 313 434, or mail us on info@expodine.com