5 Benefits of using tablet-based restaurant POS system

Tablet-based restaurant POS system looks cool and is intuitive to use when compared to conventional POS system. From restaurant owners to customers, chefs to stewards, everyone is head over heels in love with the smartness of these systems. Let’s take a look at the features that are making people go gaga over tablet POS system. Before jumping into the features, many would like to debate the pros and cons of android and iOS operating system. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the developers who built it. Now let’s dive right into the features.


5 Benefits of using tablet-based restaurant POS system


Low cost:

No one likes to spend a fortune on a product if they can get a better product cheaper. Same is the case with restaurant POS system. Why bother spending a fortune on conventional POS system when you can get a better, feature-rich tablet POS system cheaper.

Unlike most of the conventional POS system dealers who try to reap money from your pocket selling overpriced equipment making false promises, nothing can possibly go wrong when setting up a tablet- based POS system as the dealers provide you with the freedom to choose your own tablet.


Unlike conventional POS systems where there is no way to try the equipment live in your restaurant, almost all tablet POS system offering companies offer free product demo ranging from a few days to over a month which saves money as you would not have to pay a single penny during the demo period. The icing on the cake is that you can try a different POS system on the same tablet or use it for your personal use if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Easy Maintenance:

If you ever used a conventional POS system, you might be aware of the problems one has to go through to get the service guy to repair your POS system if anything goes awry. Just like Amazon, everyone loves a service provider who cares for you even if a zombie apocalypse occurs. Tablet- based POS systems are going to be the next Amazon for restaurant owners.  You don’t have to worry about your business coming to a screeching halt as you will receive remote technical support. There’s also no need for maintenance as the updates can be rolled out over the air without any downtime.

Easy integration:

Tablet POS systems may be small in appearance but they pack a big punch, they can be easily integrated with any POS system out there. Being able to monitor a restaurant while being away from it is the feature every restaurant owner desires as they can enjoy their life when they are away without having to worry about their business. Many system also offers robust features like real-time tracking, stock management etc.

Enhanced customer experience:

Everyone loves it when they get more than what they bargained for. The ability to move around with your POS system is a feature that stewards love as it makes the process of order taking fast and, as a result, the processing time of food is reduced to a great extent which in turn makes the chef happy as they can easily manage orders. The customers are also happy as their order gets ready before their expected time. A restaurant is nothing without customers so if the customer is happy the ROI (Return on Investment) on your restaurant’s investment will improve drastically.

P.S. It would be great if you implement a tablet-based POS system as it will make everyone happy (including you), but you are free to pass on the opportunity as well.

Best Restaurant Management Tips and Solutions

Smart owners will always be thinking of ways to improve their restaurant. In the words of Michael Mina “There’s always room to improve in a restaurant. A restaurant is better or worse every day than it was the day before. It’s impossible not to be, because it’s human”.

Let’s dive right in.


Best Restaurant Management Tips and Solutions Infographic



Make your restaurant more appealing

  • Provide a good atmosphere: Focus on music, lighting and smell to start setting the mood. It should be warm and inviting. Research from the University of South Wales showed that subjects spent more in restaurants with upbeat music. Depressing songs led to less spending, but the worst results happened when there was no music at all.
  • Avoid an overcomplicated menu: Avoid an overcomplicated menu that confuses customers with overwhelming choices, cryptic language and a complex layout. Provide a menu that makes it easy for customers to search for dishes by arranging items sequentially and in logical groups. Featuring the dishes you’re best at making can also attract more customers.


Ways to attract more customers

The most influential primary sectors of a restaurant are ambience, service and food. Apart from these, use the below-mentioned tips to grow your business:

  • Focus on building a great website: Setting up a website for your restaurant is a great way to attract more customers. It really helps you build trust among existing and potential customers and can make a great first impression with new visitors.
  • Check in apps: List your restaurant on famous check-in apps like Foursquare as they are getting more popular day by day. More than 45 million users use Foursquare alone.
  • Special occasion email/message: Send an email/message to your regular customers on their birthday or any other special occasion and offer a free product on the house. This will attract more customers and may get business from other members accompanying him/her.
  • Collaborate on special offers: Collaborate with different organisations to provide offers such as dinner and a movie, discount offered to customers in a nearby motel etc.
  • Consistency: Customers like consistency. It’s important to maintain the quality and consistency of your food to keep your customers coming back.
  • Social media: Best way to promote your restaurant is to post pictures of mouth-watering, drool-worthy, beautifully arranged drink and food online. Use social media to show how many people have tried your restaurant and loved it. Always respond when people reach out to you. Build your following!


Save money

  • Energy-efficient equipment and appliances: Investing in energy-efficient appliances and equipment will save money in the long run. While they might cost more at the start, they will help you save money in the long run. Also, keep appliances off when you don’t need them.
  • Adapting cost effective solutions: Using apt technological solutions will surely help in efficient management in a cost effective manner. Consulting and finding the right technology and software for your restaurant will make it easier to manage.
  • Low flow toilets and faucets: Installing low-flow toilets and faucets will save up to 40% off your water bill.
  • Avoid over-staffing: It may be tempting to hire more people than necessary in order to ensure that the restaurant runs smoothly. However, too many staffs will increase your labour costs and reduce your overall profit.
  • Remove menu items that aren’t selling: Removing menu items that aren’t selling will help reduce food spoilage.


Ways to make customers happy

  • Clean restaurant: Customers want a clean restaurant. Don’t just wipe the tables, check every nook and corner of your restaurant and make sure it’s clean, including the toilets. Check for chewing gum underneath the table and chair.

In addition to the restaurant, ensure that your staffs clothes are clean. The appearance of your staff reflects on your restaurant just as much as the building.

  • Offer perks: Offer perks to your repeat customers. Introduce a card system and offer points based on the bill amount that can be redeemed later.
  • Communicate: Greet customers and answer their questions regarding the menu items and specials. Let customers have a say.
  • Send messages: Send message greetings to your customers on special occasions such as their birthday or anniversary.
  • Avoid insect and hair problems: Customers should never find a hair on their table or ( an insect/a hair ) in their food.


Ways to keep your best employees

  • Fair wage: Your employees may be loving their jobs and might be happy, but at the end of the day they are working for you to earn a living. Smart owners pay well.
  • Meetings: Hold frequent meetings. Greet your employees daily and talk with them for a few minutes. Solicit their feedback so they don’t feel voiceless. Make sure your staffs feel part of your restaurant’s success.
  • Resolve conflicts: Resolve conflicts effectively by making sure you stay neutral while negotiating a solution or compromise to the problem.
  • Perks: Provide perks based on the employee’s performance.
  • Make your workplace fun: Make your restaurant an exciting place to be by holding frequent contests, celebrations, and team-building activities. Plan occasional group excursions to get everyone out.


Incorporate technology

  • Free Wi-Fi: Offer free Wi-Fi only if you have an unlimited data plan with high speed.
  • Games at the table: Parents are often exhausted after a long day at work. Give the parents of young children a break while occupying their children. Consider handheld gaming devices at the table.
  • Tablet ordering: Invest in a tablet-based POS system like Expodine to boost your sales, reduce upfront and long-term costs, manage your business on the go and create customer satisfaction.

For more info view this awesome infographic.