How to Optimize your Restaurant Management

restaurant management system

Restaurants are handling a high amount of cash and credit card transactions.  So your restaurant management system should make easy tracking all business sales data. A good restaurant management system is one that provides you a set-up to improve your restaurant management and helps you streamline restaurant operations. The primary objective of any owner should be looking for software that is operationally easy to use and has the UI that can be operated by any kind of workers. A cloud based POS, includes all the essential features required to run a restaurant, like inventory management, reporting & analytics, central menu management, loyalty programs integration, and customer feedback management.

Features of restaurant management application 

  • KOT & KOD Management

Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT), The KOT contains information such as items ordered, table number and its quantity. It helps in serving right food to the right customer at the right table.  KOD management module simplifies takeaway and delivery management. These features improve the overall communication between kitchen staff and front staff which reduces errors and speeds up serving.

  • INVENTORY/COST Management

System for tracking Stock, Sales and Purchasing inventories. It is used to track the stock you have at any time given. Cost Management efficiently indicates where the cost can be reduced. Also gives specific Pricing directives.

  • E-MENU / DIGITAL menu

Electronic menu is an innovative alternative to traditional paper menus. It brings digital restaurant menu on tablet.

  • Shift Management

Shift management is a very important factor for any business to optimize resources and team.

  • Authority Based login

The login screen ensures a secure login session by assign completely different permissions to every employee.

  • Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty program may be a rewards program offered by the company to customers who frequently make purchases.

  • UPI Integration

UPI is the latest online transfer method that enables secure payments from customer’s bank account in real-time.

  • SMS Integration

SMS API integration improves business efficiency. An Effective SMS Marketing allows you to reach an outsized variety of individual at the same time.

  • Recipes Management

It will coordinate to the readiness and procedures in order to execute the recipe and achieve the product as efficiently as possible.

  • Cloud Reports

The cloud provides a centralized platform to beat all aspects of reporting, enhance the security of data and provide global accessibility to users.

  • Offline Mode

Application can be used offline mode; it avoids downtime if there is any kind of internet issues.

Restaurant management system software has all the above features, with flexibilities for each restaurant to customize each tool according to their liking and preferences, complete restaurant management software should help you to run and manage all your restaurant operations at anywhere.

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Software For Your Restaurant Operations.


Choose the best software for your Restaurant !

A Restaurant Management Software is chosen in a way such that it is designed with the best capabilities of promoting the business to the next level. This yielding high profits and capturing the heart and trust of the customers. It is very important that the restaurant operations are managed and tracked effectively for an efficient working of the management and ultimately gaining profits.

Running a good hospitality business is a great risk . This carries lot of challenges. Hence it is very important to understand the functioning of the management and choose the best software that can handle the day to day operations very well. There are many features and objectives of any restaurant management software. which are basically designed to carry out the most common functions that include order taking, quality, billing and maintaining the finance etc. However there are few points to be kept in mind while choosing a software for any restaurant operations.

We Expodine are here to give you the best in the market without entering into dilemma of choosing the exact software. because our product takes care of all the needs and requirement for running the business in the most effective way possible.

Few options to be noticed while deploying the software into the business are as follows:
  • Simple Menu Set-up: Customers love dynamic and flexible menu listing along with the prices. Hence having a simple configuration and setup of menu designs invites more trust.
  • Tracking of Sales and Performance Reporting: It is helpful to keep an analytics track of the bestselling items in the menu, the prices, peak time of sales in a day, location and best servers for improving the business and reporting details for comparing the performances.
  • Ordering and Payment Facility: A secure payment process and table-side billing are some of the ways of attracting the customers and increase the guest satisfaction.
  • Best Employee Management: Tracking the working hours and productivity of the employees. Different access and security levels can be set up according to the business to calculate the sales performance and monitor the performance of the employee and calculate their payroll.
  • Inventory Control: It is important that the restaurant management software has inventory feature to ensure profitability and Long-term success by keeping a record of every item sold.
  • Technical Support: A good technical support team is needed for the initial setup, periodic software updates and training of the product.
  • Maintaining Customer Database: Restaurants tend to maintain lot of customer information like transaction details, surveys, reward programs and functions which are very valuable. Hence the restaurant operation software’s are expected to maintain those with high security and use it for careful promotion and communications.

It is always a happy dinning if the ambience is peaceful and facilities are compatible with the latest technology.

Simple tips and Solutions for a Better Restaurant Ecosystem


Good management comes from an effective management of roles and responsibilities.when it comes to a restaurant there are a lot of improvements needed on a day to day operations to keep the business flourishing along with high customer satisfaction. A restaurant always has to improve each day in many standards because it deals with humans.

Lets’ check out few tips and solutions to manage it effectively.

People feel like it’s their home if they have all their needs entangled with the latest technology. Like A Wi-Fi connection, Tablet ordering and several games at the table.

  • Staff Training and improving their morale:

It is important to keep a healthy ecosystem for the workers and the staff to make sure there is a good staff turnover. Conducting regular score assessments for their promotion and improvement. Training them on the restaurant policies and culture and other human resource procedures needed. Giving them leadership seminar courses and many other options to upgrade their skills are some ways to have a well trained staff .

  • Giving importance to the customers:

Customers need to be attracted to the restaurant and that can happen if we take care of few possibilities like maintaining the quality and consistency of food, menu pricing should be effective, special offers makes them happy, and never keep them waiting for a long time.

Regular customers can be offered some perks, greetings can be planned for special occasions and feedbacks from the customers should be considered heartedly for improvements.

  • An Appealing restaurant:

Everyone loves the smell, lighting and the music if they are at their best in a restaurant. Also an uncomplicated menu looks healthier.

  • Employee satisfaction:

A good restaurant is the reflection of a happy and satisfied employee. Employees should be given equal importance and considerations. Satisfactory payment, conducting a forum to discuss their pleas and demands, Effective training and celebrating success are few ways to keep employees happy.

Managing is an art and human touch is the final management mantra for a prosperous restaurant.

Why choose “Expodine” For Your Restaurant Management ?

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Expodine is the futuristic restaurant management software solution bookmarked by almost all the restaurants in Kerala and even extending up to various other cafes and restaurants in India and other countries like US and Middle East for managing and controlling restaurant operations efficiently.

A very simple, time efficient and easy to learn ,use product, Expodine has all the modules that covers a café and restaurant operations to higher levels. With a user friendly and easy to use interface along with loyalty modules and feedback forum, this product has gained the trusts of customers and retained them. The built-in loyalty program works on a point collection based terminology where customers can collect points and redeem them or even get gifts/rewards from the restaurant. There is a module called inventory management that tracks the real time inventory thus reducing the wastage and theft in stock level and automatic updation of the prices in the menu along with the market rates. The cloud reporting feature allows the customer to view the reports and performance of the restaurant operations related to dining, take away, home delivery on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and take decisions based on them.

The system has features that trigger alert notifications through email or sms for any cancellations or order modifications. This product is autonomic from internet and functions like a self-managing software.

The security features coming with this product are highly efficient and effective and tracks all the scenarios where a kind of malpractice can be avoided.

The software has all the modules necessary for a smooth operation and the various features can even replace a manual effort thus allowing the café or restaurant to run effectively without your presence. Customer-order-kitchen-delivery-billing, a very small concept of restaurants, but when handled with technology and innovation, modifies the concept to the higher level and generates a higher revenue and trust. Our product helps you cross that dimension in the field of restaurant management.

Why restaurants should offer online food ordering ?

expodine online food ordering


Have you known about online menu ordering application? If not, you are not in any manner in the present world, and need to wake up! Online Ordering for food from eating outlets is one of the newest phenomenon to sweep the restaurant business. This practice of online food ordering had changed the convention of ordering food from outside.

Online ordering eliminates many issues faced by the end customers bring in orders. The staff at the restaurant will most likely be unable to comprehend what the client orders over telephone, attributable to various accents, background disturbances or essentially a terrible connection. The time may not be sufficient for the client to think and give unique guidelines. In this digital age, integrating an online ordering system has become essential for restaurants. Such a system can ease the process of making payments, managing orders; improve customer service, operations, customer retention and more.

Integrating a compact, user friendly, and efficient ordering system can improve your restaurant’s sales and also some of the core factors that effect the restaurant operations as well.

Online Ordering Drives More Revenue

Offering online ordering lets your guests place an order more conveniently. Without feeling pressure to wrap up their order, customers are more inclined to explore all of their menu options, and even end up spending more than they would when ordering over the phone or in person. This results in digital orders being more on average than non-digital orders. With no line behind them, the pressure for your guests to make speedy orders is gone, and they’ll be more inclined to get that extra item.

Expanded market reach

Only having the option of customers coming into your restaurant physically can limit your reach market reach. But with an online ordering system, your market reach is expanded. You are able to reach customers who would have otherwise not been in a position to know what your restaurant has to offer from other locations.

Positive customer service

In any service business, especially restaurants and other forms of eateries, customer service is everything! Today, when a customer has a bad experience at your restaurant, they may share it on the web and cost you many customers as well as bad reviews. So, by having an online ordering system, customer service for in-house customers is the top priority. Employees can give their full attention to a customer since they do not get interrupted by a ringing phone. Fewer phone calls mean more time to attend to customers coming into the restaurant at any moment.

Enhanced efficiency

Having online orders can make the day to day operations more efficient for a restaurant. The time employees use to receive orders through the telephone is reduced and this increases the time employees have to focus on dine-in customers. Possible cases of errors being happening when an order is made due to miscommunication or human error are reduced meaning there are no expensive re-deliveries. When a customer makes an order online, they take their time to look at your menu and choose exactly what they want.

These factors do not scratch the surface of the numerous benefits restaurants stand to enjoy by having an online ordering system in place. Setting up an online ordering system sets up a restaurant for growth, competition and a steady increase in sales.

In no time, online ordering for restaurants will play an even bigger role in the food service industry than it already is. What are your thoughts on online ordering?



28, 18, 12, 5……… Well these are not a number series to be cracked as a puzzle. These are the common figures we go across in the big fat list of taxes in our country. Taxes have been a calculation of legal and mathematical entries driving the lives of the common people.

Earlier this year brought us a remarking satisfaction with the implementation of “Goods and Service” tax.This sets up a “One country one tax” system and bringing uniformity in the nation.

However the only area where people became little upset was regarding the dining out options. which has been heard by the government and with effect from yesterday levied 5% tax on restaurants.

So “Happy Dinning” .Take your family out for a fingerilcious meals or order online on the go.

The levied GST will be helping lot of consumers with an easy GST calculation and would also help the restaurants improve their services, facilities and loyalty. This drop in GST / unified GST has also brought smiles to the restaurant owners since they can now attract a good amount of customer.

Expodine (Restaurant Management Software) have always been a trustworthy companion in the field of Restaurant management, retail and professional businesses and have proved our loyalty of products in the long run.

28 % to 5 % or any other figures, our software provides the best dynamic environment according to the Government norms. We have an automated system taking care of all the changes in the taxing system without complicating the services. Our strong Restaurant ERP Overview has proven its flexibility with the contemporary Government policies.


upi (1)

What Is UPI ?

With India moving a step closer towards becoming a cashless economy with the launch of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) last year, every business is trying to get into this system so that they can also benefit from the new technology and in turn boost the sales with simplified cash transactions. With this new payment method, your smart phones will double up as virtual debit cards.

and you’ll be able to send or receive money instantly. Along with Bharat QR code, it can help you get rid of your wallet all together.

Here bank uses to transfer money and make payments using the IMPS (Immediate Payments Service). IMPS are faster than NEFT and let you transfer money immediately and it works 24×7. This means that the online payments will become much easier without requiring a digital wallet or credit or debit card.

With the Unified Payment Interface, all bank account holders can make secure fund transfers in an instant without the need to enter bank account information or net banking credentials.

As far as the end customer is considered, they need to download the third party app which has the payment method UPI. Like  Trupay,BHIM,Phonepe etc. Once done, they need to link account with app with one time registering with UPI giving your phone number as identity for registering and setting up with 6 digit code(which can be used to connect any app with account later on). Voila… that’s all. One can do payment and receive payments with that app.

How UPI will Help the Restaurant Business

By implementing UPI those who are into restaurant retail business can save the extra cost which they have to pay to the banks when they use a swiping card machine to accept payments from customers.

According to experts, the UPI will help to increase the business of the restaurants, takeaways and home delivery  joints by removing the hassle of keeping exact change for the remaining balance when the customers pays in the outlet or at their homes and reduce the delivery or table turnover time. Secondly, the people who do not have cash at home can pay through this app, giving your customer a convenience of paying through a card.

Scan and Pay with UPI Method is Readily available and integrated with Expodine Restaurant Management system, which will change the ways in cash settlement management are done.

Listing more to its advantages

  • With UPI there is no need to install any additional hardware or Swiping POS machine making it a cost effective solution.
  • All due amounts will be credited instantly into the Bank Account of the Merchant automatically.
  • Can view the live reports of the transaction.
  • Faster settlements means more table turnover ,which will directly effect the revenue of the restaurant .
For End Customers
  • Most advanced and cost effective payment system where the end customers can scan and pay directly from their bank account using any UPI app from their mobile phone
  • Unlike Mobile Wallets there is no need to top up money into mobile wallet account. With UPI you can directly pay from your bank account.
  • Customer can make UPI Payment through any UPI supported Apps or online banking applications

With a one-stop point for accessing different bank accounts in single app, single click authentication, try out  another new,super fast and secure payment mode available in present technology !this blog will may help users to adopting the new UPI system for there secure translation

How to keep your restaurant employees happy and motivated?

how to keep your restaurant employees happy and motivated
happy employees

Guess what happens when a restaurant has happy, motivated employees? It thrives….

One of the key factors of a successful restaurant is satisfied staff. When your staff is happy, it is very probable that your customers will feel the same way with the service they received. Customers are impressed by the incredible service. Regardless of how good your food and drink offer is, if the customers are not happy with your service, they are not likely to come back again.

Motivating your restaurant employees is actually easier than you might think. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take if you still don t know how to motivate a team in your restaurant. This will make your staff satisfied and smiling, thus keeping your customers happy.

Ongoing Training

Some employers fail to see the value of continuing training beyond the onboarding stage. They think workers are either not interested or don’t need additional instruction.

Receiving ongoing training helps the staff to feel more valued as individuals and improves the overall morale.

On the contrary, receiving ongoing training helps the staff to feel more valued as individuals and improves the overall morale of the establishment. It also demonstrates an invested interest from management for employee success and advancement. If an ongoing training program is not in place, consider adding one.

Competitive salaries

It is very useful to enquire as to what the salaries are in other establishments so you can compare them to the ones you offer. You can easily see what a big problem you would have is one of your experienced and reliable staff members leaves to work for your competition.

Recognition and Rewards

There are various situations in which you can praise the good results of your staff: compliments from satisfied customers, helping a colleague in his/her station, an innovative idea to improve business are some of many.

You must recognise those moments and let your staff know you are aware of their effort. A couple of words of praise can be the first step.

Working Hours

How to motivate a team in your restaurant if your staff is working overtime? Overtime not discussed and agreed with employees can cause discontent. Stick to agreed shifts and working hours and reduce the risk of causing dissatisfaction. Introduce the possibility of employees seeing their schedule in advance so they can plan their free time and be relaxed.

Socialise with your staff, off the Clock

In addition to annual vacations of your staff, think about socialising with them outside of working hours, for example throwing an informal barbeque or a Sunday lunch party, where everyone can feel they are a part of the team and have fun. The result of these gatherings, popularly called team building, are trust and togetherness.


A loss of an employee means you will have to spend money on replacement and training of a new one. In the meantime, your schedule will be incomplete and the service below your desired level. However, if an existing employee knows they will get a bonus for the extra effort he/she puts in, it is very likely the service will not suffer and dedication from your staff will remain unaffected.

Give the Tools & Equipment They Need

There’s nothing more frustrating than being limited by old, clunky tools at work–especially in a scenario in which customers tend to want to get in and out on their own schedules. When outdated tools slow down your team, the customers notice.

Frustrated employees can struggle to mask their emotions in front of customers–and it makes for a poor representation of your business. The effects are major: An old computer system that’s slow to generate tickets effects servers’ tips, and broken kitchen stoves mean slower cook times and poorly prepared meals.

Make sure that your staff is working with updated tools such as:

Ready to Motivate your Restaurant Employees?

Even if you only implemented one of the motivational tactics here, we’d bet that you’d begin to see a change in your team’s’ attitudes at work. You depend on your employees for the success of your business, so give them the attention they deserve.

Apps change the way you run your restaurant business! Here’s how.

digital-menu-restaurant-management-systemBusiness models have been completely disrupted with advent of some revolutionary companies developing new ways to sugar-coat the advertising; information selling. They don’t sell the customers ads that kill their favourite entertainment, but they supply them with something they want when they are looking for it. Starting with the portals that pulled information from across the web, to search engines to apps that just show you what’s available right now on discount at your local restaurant, the way technology changes the way business is conducted can no longer be ignored by any business owner who wants to sustain and thrive.

Advertising – give back to the customer!

Yeah, let’s give some money back to the customer, though the restaurant owners didn’t say or liked the concept of discount sales, economics won. Increase in the volume of sales paid for the discounts. The pioneer in the flood of coupons and offers were none other than “Groupon”, the company has changed the way many restaurants spend their money on advertising. They have created a new way, a reason to approach customers to restaurants or any business for that matter. Businesses can now say to a prospect, hey we are giving you a discount for the service you have been looking for, but come tonight.

Personalization – tailor made offers!

In the web of service providers, ads can no longer be differentiated from useful, powerful information; ad for one can be a very useful money saving instrument for the other. The technology is made so simple that no company does everything, but they depend on services and products developed by others and each of them make it ready to be integrated with the other’s. It’s one of the best forms of cooperation these days, though it can also be seen as another form of survival in a competitive environment. Personalization is made possible with a large number of players coming together, bringing intelligence from across a variety of sources.

Simplify – be informed before deciding.

Apps have recently, not so recent, entered many of the POS operations. These were once run by large systems with huge investments to implement, run and maintain. However, these weren’t going beyond a level of control offered to the management. Customers did not benefit much either. The advent of apps have offered the restaurant business a way of interacting with customers just making tablet available at their disposal. These apps are at the end of the large chain of events explained above, though one of the latest to be added.

Here, Expodine, our application is a tablet based restaurant management system; benefits from a chain of events explained above happening right now in the hospitality sector. Expodine completes the experience started maybe on a Google search, or a subscription on your favourite blog or a reference from your social media buddy.

If you are inclined to offer a discount or a deal, or be ready to receive some reviews on foursquare or mouthshut or even on your facebook page, Checkout how one of the expodine features like the tablet based order taking help your customers ease themselves and enjoy a great time out at your place.

Finally, a good news for those who haven’t yet tried one of these technological advancements, they say content is king for a decade on many of the online based marketing campaigns, for restaurants, quality is still the king. All these applications somehow support the end user, the customer with their product; quality information which will definitely reflect the standard of your business.

Expodine is definitely a headstart, for those who haven’t given a serious thought for technology as a way to advertise and market, to benefit from the long chain of events already established and currently controlling the market.

Why top restaurants are rethinking order taking – and you should too.


They rethink the order taking in the following ways;

  • Ways to lower the chances of getting customers irritated waiting for ordering
  • How to engage your customers 90% or more the moment they are in.
  • How to offer a variety of service that makes the customers keep coming back.

These are some of the questions a restaurant manager often asks themselves and are always on search and try to innovate. Are you one of them? Are you looking for effective ways to engage your diners and build a lasting impression on them, so they come back and most importantly they spread the word?
Spreading the word, centuries old marketing concern, now has taken a sharp turn with the evolution of social media and what used to be a word of mouth promotion earlier, now with a tap on the smart phone, reaches 1000s of people, yes 1000s of potential customers.

So every manager has to adapt to the situation, they got to be on their toe when it’s dealing with the customers or they know a mistake can cost dearly, make or break the business.
When we are in the digital era, thanks to apps, even managers have options to leverage the power of the very tools customers have.

Here’s how top restaurant managers have re-imagined their order taking process to delight their customers and get themselves a great deal of the most influential viral marketing.
They look into customer pain points and that’s how some of these smarter managers utilize technology.

  • Customers no longer need a waiter to turn around; they can order using a tablet on their table.
  • They get to see accurate, menu – what exactly is available then, what the recipe is and how it looks like – help your customers make informed choices.
  • They might want to have some suggestions on their dish – spicier, hotter, less this or that. They get to do it. Let them have a tailor made dish.
  • No billing surprises; let the customer see an updated price list right before they order.

Customers love deals, everyone does. When you get a customer who is ready to buy what you offer, that’s why they are at your restaurant in the first place, and selling them a few more of your best products won’t hurt and that’s where you make your profits.

Here’s a point why you should use these too. Customers do not care how sophisticated your software is or how advanced your systems are, but how they are treated. As a manager, you do care about the way employees are handled, how simplified your processes are and how all of these affect your profit.
To have the above in place, you obviously need to have a much organized employee management plan and platform.
Yes, this is where most managers make it or break it. A robust system needs to connect the requirements of the customers to a receptive management and production environment. Some of the areas require keen evaluation are

  •  Ease and accuracy of updates
  • Ability to seamlessly operate between different departments
  • Intelligence deriving and analysis to make better decisions
  • Sales
  • Human resource management

Though the latter part has been somehow handled by many enterprise resource systems, there are not many which integrate the customer service functions, vital to a business like a restaurant, to the functions of management and human resources.
With advent of tablets and mobile applications connecting and integrating the very customers into larger systems, however the game is different.

Expodine is one of the pioneers in this field tightly integrating the customers into, once reserved for managers, hotel management software applications. Expodine with its detail oriented, user friendly tablet application binds the customers into the way they experience fine hospitality from the provider. They get to see, interact and choose their experience without getting frustrated at the less efficient steward oriented order taking and management system.

If you wish to take a look at Expodine and see how this digital order management application can be integrated to your system and maximize the finest of hospitality and delicious menu you offer to your customers, Give us call on +91 9895 313 434, or mail us on