Apps change the way you run your restaurant business! Here’s how.

digital-menu-restaurant-management-systemBusiness models have been completely disrupted with advent of some revolutionary companies developing new ways to sugar-coat the advertising; information selling. They don’t sell the customers ads that kill their favourite entertainment, but they supply them with something they want when they are looking for it. Starting with the portals that pulled information from across the web, to search engines to apps that just show you what’s available right now on discount at your local restaurant, the way technology changes the way business is conducted can no longer be ignored by any business owner who wants to sustain and thrive.

Advertising – give back to the customer!

Yeah, let’s give some money back to the customer, though the restaurant owners didn’t say or liked the concept of discount sales, economics won. Increase in the volume of sales paid for the discounts. The pioneer in the flood of coupons and offers were none other than “Groupon”, the company has changed the way many restaurants spend their money on advertising. They have created a new way, a reason to approach customers to restaurants or any business for that matter. Businesses can now say to a prospect, hey we are giving you a discount for the service you have been looking for, but come tonight.

Personalization – tailor made offers!

In the web of service providers, ads can no longer be differentiated from useful, powerful information; ad for one can be a very useful money saving instrument for the other. The technology is made so simple that no company does everything, but they depend on services and products developed by others and each of them make it ready to be integrated with the other’s. It’s one of the best forms of cooperation these days, though it can also be seen as another form of survival in a competitive environment. Personalization is made possible with a large number of players coming together, bringing intelligence from across a variety of sources.

Simplify – be informed before deciding.

Apps have recently, not so recent, entered many of the POS operations. These were once run by large systems with huge investments to implement, run and maintain. However, these weren’t going beyond a level of control offered to the management. Customers did not benefit much either. The advent of apps have offered the restaurant business a way of interacting with customers just making tablet available at their disposal. These apps are at the end of the large chain of events explained above, though one of the latest to be added.

Here, Expodine, our application is a tablet based restaurant management system; benefits from a chain of events explained above happening right now in the hospitality sector. Expodine completes the experience started maybe on a Google search, or a subscription on your favourite blog or a reference from your social media buddy.

If you are inclined to offer a discount or a deal, or be ready to receive some reviews on foursquare or mouthshut or even on your facebook page, Checkout how one of the expodine features like the tablet based order taking help your customers ease themselves and enjoy a great time out at your place.

Finally, a good news for those who haven’t yet tried one of these technological advancements, they say content is king for a decade on many of the online based marketing campaigns, for restaurants, quality is still the king. All these applications somehow support the end user, the customer with their product; quality information which will definitely reflect the standard of your business.

Expodine is definitely a headstart, for those who haven’t given a serious thought for technology as a way to advertise and market, to benefit from the long chain of events already established and currently controlling the market.

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