9 Restaurant Management System Features Every Growing Restaurant Needs


Restaurant management is not an easy task and when it comes down to keeping track of and managing day-to-day tasks such as inventory management, stock management, consistency management etc depending on a restaurant management system is something worth considering even for the most experienced restaurant operator.

To minimize the headaches associated with managing a restaurant and to stay ahead of your competitors, consider investing in a restaurant management system with the following features.

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Stock/Inventory Management

Imagine having to go to the library to refer about something you would like to know, be it about how to manage a restaurant or anything else. How would that make you feel? You can’t even imagine going back to a time like that, right?

Not only does the lack of an automated Stock/Inventory report slows you down, it also hinders your efficiency to perform informed decisions based on facts.

The operations that you can perform using these reports are priceless, based on the past report you can make several changes like removing the menu items that aren’t selling. This will not only make you life a lot more easy but will also improve the profit of your restaurant.


Table Management

Instead of having to walk back and forth to monitor the status of the tables, that is, if they are occupied, vacant or reserved is a tiresome task.

Automating these tasks will not only take a lot of weight off your shoulders but will also increase the average table turn-around time. Increased table turn time not only ensures an increase in profit but also leaves a smile on the face of your customers as they get seated and attended to fast.


Menu Management

Based on your past sales reports some changes might have to be made to the menu to prevent any type of loss that might occur due to the items that aren’t selling.

The lack of a digital/eMenu will require you to print different menu cards as per the changing needs of your customers.

However, investing in a digital restaurant menu makes the user experience rewarding and gives you the freedom to not only modify the menu items but also provides many other features including suggesting combinations, getting feedback from your customers etc.


Cash flow Management

As a customer, you would never like to be presented the bill earlier than expected and would like to keep the tipping amount confidential when dining in a group.

Cash flow management puts an end to all this by giving customers the freedom to pay the bill amount whenever they feel like using debit/credit card or cash, and the amount that you tip will be visible to only the person performing the transaction. Unless of course someone peeks into your screen :P.


Loyalty Program

When you are visiting a restaurant often, a little bit of recognition makes you happy and feel valued.

Loyalty program makes your repeat customers feel special by presenting them with rewards and special offers, specially tailored for them.


Order Status

Order status lets your customer know about the present status of the order, whether it is under preparation, ready, or out to be served.


Offline mode

A restaurant management system that can function without having to be connected to the internet all the time avoids downtime if there is any kind of internet issue.


Easy integration

Easy integration reduces the data entry requirements as the old database can be integrated seamlessly with any POS system out there.



The main advantage of having a cloud-based restaurant management system is that the detailed business reports of your restaurant can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, round the clock. Eliminating the need for you to be physically present at the location of your restaurant.


Investing in the right restaurant management system will not only make the process of managing your restaurant easy, it will also save your restaurant from failing. That being said, it’s really up to you whether you wish to invest in a restaurant management system.


Still not sure?

Do one thing, simply take a coin and toss it.

I’m not asking you to toss the coin so that you can take a decision based on the  coins outcome but because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you’ll suddenly know what you are hoping for.

If there’s anything else that you would like to add.  Please do post it in the comment section down below.

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    Awesome article and great tips!
    I really learned a lot from your post and gave me a lot of ideas on what a Restaurant POS should have to function effectively and efficiently.
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