How to choose the right restaurant POS system

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to expand your restaurant or open a new one. Well, it does, but just

like the mathematical proofs in our textbooks, let’s suppose it doesn’t. You will have to think about

installing POS (Point of sale) system sooner or later as it is the need of the time. Choosing a restaurant POS system

may seem overwhelming, but making the right choice will save a lot of time and money later down the


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The following tips will help you make the right choice. Let’s dive right in.


Define the needs of your restaurant
Just like upgrading from an old motorcycle to a new one, if your restaurant already has a POS system

installed and you are thinking of upgrading. Jot down all the problems and missing features, and also

think about any cumbersome task that needs to be simplified.


Do you think that there is a better place than searching for it on Google? Most of you would say no! but

there is a more reliable person who can help you more than Google. Wondering who that person might

be? That person is not Sherlock Holmes, it’s your employee. Talk to your employees as well.


Hardware requirements
There is no need to buy a gaming PC if the only thing that you are going to use is Microsoft Word. Same

is the case with restaurant POS systems, look for POS systems that can be easily integrated with any POS

system out there. If you happen to own a conventional POS system, choose the POS vendor who gives

you the freedom to choose your own hardware.


Compared to the hardware, the software is more important. So, try the free demo before making up

your mind.


When selecting a restaurant POS, there are two available licensing options; one time licensing and

recurring SaaS. One time licensing will free you from any recurring payments. Recurring SaaS model can

be easily downgraded, upgraded or canceled anytime, making it feasible and more ideal in the long

run. Choose whichever suits you best.


Just like phone a friend/audience poll option in the show “Who wants to be a millionaire”, reach out to

your friends and seek their opinion or start a discussion on relevant groups and forums. Find out where

the POS vendor is located and their support hours.


See it in action
Restaurant POS systems might not be the same as in paper. Request for a free demonstration from the

POS vendor and try out the free demo (if available). Look for issues and other factors such as user

friendliness, features etc.


Set-up the software and hardware properly, even a Ferrari is useless if not set up properly. Test the POS

system during free hours and train your employees to use it before making the transition.


Make the most of it
Don’t just contact your POS vendor to seek technical help. Enquire about any free resources that might

be available. Asking for these resources takes minimal time and will help you in the long run.


P.S: What are you waiting for, go choose the right POS system for your restaurant as it will make your

restaurant at least 157% more efficient. That percentage was totally made up. But still, it works.

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  1. Hi!
    What POS software is better to choose?I got small budget.But I need to have solid POS system device in my restaurant.What can you tell me about this one

    • Hello Curtis Hodge,
      I haven’t used their services so can’t really comment about it, but you can take a look at other POS providers like Expodine which are guaranteed to meet your budget and needs!.

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