Top 17 Restaurant Design Ideas

Ways to design a restaurant


People eat out to have a wonderful dining experience, and a beautiful interior is something that stands out and helps draw customers in before they even experience the most important factor, that is, the quality of the food being offered.
Furnishing your restaurant with the colors and designs that will allow your customers to relax will have them come in time after time.
You should take care of the following things while designing your restaurant.



Interior color scheme


Interior color schemes
How would you feel when you see a person wearing yellow shirts and green trousers. Not so interesting right?
Same is the case with the walls in your restaurant, always choose the right color combinations and remember that it is not about your favorite color, it is all about the customers’ feelings.
Every color is designed to meet different needs. Consider the colors that appear throughout your restaurant, including the tables and chairs. Bringing it all together under one theme will help set the mood and will also help in driving in more customers.
If your restaurant is meat-centric, use more browns. Use more greens if it’s vegetable-centric. Use orange to make your customers happy and use white to make the shop feel clean.
If you want to invoke thirst, you can go with blues. But it’s not commonly used as it doesn’t make food look appealing and fails at evoking a feeling of hunger.
If you are running a fast food restaurant then go with red as research shows that the color red increases heart rate, blood pressure, and stimulates impulse eating, and increases the table turnaround time. However, special care should be taken to not go with bright red as it will repel your customers.


Go with soft natural colors like browns and green if you are running a casual restaurant as these colors encourage customers to relax and enjoy themselves, which increases the chances of them staying a while longer for an appetizer, coffee, or dessert.

The kitchen is more prone to stains, so go with tough enamel finishes or washable paint to make it easy to clean.



Would you like to eat off of a table cloth that has food stains all over it? Probably not, right?

Same is the case with your customer, choose something that you’d want to eat off of, and make sure that it’s regularly being cleaned.


Choosing an upholstery for your restaurant is a tiresome task, following tips will help you to lay your hands upon the best material that you can possibly find.



Never make your decisions based on the images shown online or in brochures, as the color and texture will always differ when seen through the naked eye. Always ask for samples.


Smaller the weave the tighter it will be, making it more durable in restaurants with high traffic when compared to large weaves as large weaves get damaged easily even by studs on jeans.



No matter how careful your staffs are spillages will happen. Avoid flat colors as it will stain more easily and becomes difficult to clean over time. Go with a multi-colored weave instead. Faux leathers are also a good alternative as they last longer and can be wiped down and cleaned easily.

Plastic table covers are easy to wipe, but they are stubborn when it comes to stain removal.



Light colored fabrics are a big risk, choose appropriate colors to suit your customer base and business type.





Choosing an artwork that is attractive and unique will draw in customers, it also makes your restaurant stand out against the competition.
Take care of the following tips while choosing an artwork


Choose an artwork that complements the background color of the wall.


Choose an artwork that will get along with the theme of your restaurant. If your restaurant is family-oriented select an artwork that appeals to both parents and children.


Menu design
Avoid an overcomplicated menu that confuses customers with overwhelming choices, cryptic language, and a complex layout.

Provide a menu that makes it easy for customers to search for dishes by arranging items sequentially and in logical groups. Featuring the dishes you’re best at making can also attract more customers.





Involve your employees in the decision-making process as they are the one who are going to have to wear it all day long. Before approaching your employees narrow down your search and then share samples to get feedback.

Special care should be taken to choose fabrics that are easy to clean, fade-resistant, and not easily wrinkled. (Cotton/Polyester blends are a popular choice).





Once you have the color chosen and the walls painted, take into consideration the lighting of the room. Having a soft glow or bright lights will again reflect the overall environment of your restaurant.

For areas where touch screens or POS stations are installed, the light level should be low to prevent glare on the screen.

You can also get creative with mood/decor/art lighting, but make sure that the lighting is soothing to the eyes.




Research from the University of South Wales showed that subjects spent more in restaurants with upbeat music. Depressing songs led to less spending, but the worst results happened when there was no music at all.


Security cameras

Place security cameras strategically to prevent theft and improve the overall security of your restaurant.


Restaurant designers


Consult professional restaurant designers as they have more experience in the field and, in the end, it’s not about your personal taste, it’s about creating something that your customers will like.







Make up your mind about what kind of feel and style you are planning to achieve for your restaurant before making the purchase as furniture can make or break the look and feel of your restaurant.


To make the theme of your restaurant complete every item should be chosen carefully. If you are planning for a minimalist look, go with all white/black. For a natural look, go with ash timber or chocolate colored furniture. For a retro look, pair red and black


Also, take into account the environment in which they will be placed. Outdoor restaurants should invest in furniture that will withstand harsh weather conditions. While indoor restaurants have the freedom to select any type of furniture they want.





Place multiple hand wash sinks in different areas of the kitchen like prep areas, warewash room, etc., to make it easily accessible to employees.

Also, provide at least one mop sink to take care of mop water.

To prevent cross-contamination, have a separate entrance for your staffs to deliver the dirty dishes without having to walk through the prep area.


Equipment should be positioned strategically to improve the execution of the menu efficiently. Also, special care should be taken to prevent contamination of foods items due to improper storage and handling.


Select windows with energy conservation and lighting concerns in mind. As single pane windows are the least energy efficient, select windows with three panes of glass (if possible).
Also, install shades, blinds, etc, to improve energy usage.


Waiting area
If you often find your customers waiting to be seated due to the rush it might be a great idea to invest in a waiting area.


Energy efficiency


Investing in energy-efficient appliances and equipment will save money in the long run. While they might cost more at the start, they will help you save money in the long run.


Storage area


The storage areas should be easily accessible from both the docking stations and the production areas. If you are finding it hard to place them conveniently between these two areas, place them close to production to save labor time.




An attractive, clean restaurant that carries through the design scheme of the restaurant shouts out about the caring attitude of management.


A dirty washroom may lead customers to believe that the kitchen is dirty, too. Also, consider installing wall-mounted ashtrays to keep the floor clean and prevent disposal of cigarettes in the restroom.


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